Birthday Personality November 12th 2003 Star Sign

November 12th (2003) was a Wednesday. It's the 315th day of the year (316th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 50 days left to the end of the year.

♏ Scorpio is the Zodiac Sign for November 12th


Birthday numerology calculation for people born on 12th November 2003

Astrological traits for life path nr 1

  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
    Colors: Yellow, Orange, Gold
    Gemstones: Topaz, Amber
    Qualities: Born Leader, Determined
  • Character and birthday personality attributes to this life path number:
    Leadership, individuality, aggression, self-confidence, originality, impatience.

Historical Events for 12th November, 2003

  • » Iraq war: In Nasiriya, Iraq, at least 23 people, among them the first Italian casualties of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, are killed in a suicide bomb attack on an Italian police base.
  • » Shanghai Transrapid sets a new Land speed record for rail vehicles world speed record (convert 501 km/h mph) for commercial railway systems, which remains the fastest for unmodified commercial rail vehicles.

November 12th Famous Deaths for 2003

  • » Jonathan Brandis, American actor (b. 1976)
  • » Cameron Duncan, New Zealand director (b. 1986)
  • » Kay E. Kuter, American actor (b. 1925)
  • » Penny Singleton, American actress and singer (b. 1908)
  • » Tony Thompson (drummer) Tony Thompson, American drummer (Chic (band) Chic and Power Station (band) Power Station) (b. 1954)

Birthday Astrology 12th November

Year 2003 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Birthstones. Month of November Astrology.

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♏ Scorpio Star Sign Traits November

  • Element: Water.
  • Quality: Fixed.
  • Planetary ruler: Pluto.
  • Birthstone: Topaz.
  • Flower: Chrysanthemum.
  • Key characteristic: Endurance.
  • Strengths: Intense, powerful, transforming.
  • Challenges: Jealous, domineering, violent.