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Historical Events for the Year 1990

  • 3rd January » Former leader of Panama Manuel Noriega surrenders to American forces.
  • 7th January » The interior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is closed to the public for safety reasons.
  • 10th January » Time Warner is formed by the merger of Time Inc. and Warner Communications.
  • 13th January » Douglas Wilder becomes the first elected African American governor as he takes office in Richmond, Virginia.
  • 20th January » On Black January Black Saturday, Red Army the Red Army kills Azerbaijani people Azerbaijani civilians in Baku.
  • 22nd January » Robert Tappan Morris is convicted of releasing the Morris worm known as 1988 Internet Computer worm.
  • 1st February » Humanitas publishing house is founded in Bucharest, shortly after the Romanian Revolution of 1989 known as Romanian Revolution, by the philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu.
  • 2nd February » Apartheid: F. W. de Klerk Speech at the Opening of the Parliament of South Africa, 1990 or announces the unbanning of the African National Congress and promises to release Nelson Mandela.
  • 7th February » Dissolution of the Soviet Union: The Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party agrees to give up its monopoly on power.
  • 11th February » Nelson Mandela is released from Drakenstein Correctional Centre or Victor Verster Prison outside Cape Town, South Africa after 27 years as a political prisoner.
  • 12th February » Carmen Lawrence becomes the first female Premier in Australian history when she becomes Premier of Western Australia.
  • 13th February » German reunification: An agreement is reached on a two-stage plan to reunite Germany.
  • 14th February » Ninety-two people are killed aboard Indian Airlines Flight 605 at Bangalore, India.
  • 1st March » Steve Jackson Games is raided by the United States Secret Service, prompting the later formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • 2nd March » Nelson Mandela is elected deputy President of the African National Congress.
  • 6th March » Ed Yielding and Joseph T. Vida set the Cross-America flight air speed record e.g transcontinental speed record flying a SR-71 Blackbird from Los Angeles to Virginia in 64 minutes, averaging 2,124 mph.
  • 10th March » In Haiti, Prosper Avril is ousted 18 months after seizing power in a coup.
  • 11th March » Lithuania Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania called declares itself independent from the Soviet Union.
  • 11th March » Patricio Aylwin is sworn in as the first democratically elected President of Chile since 1970.
  • 15th March » Mikhail Gorbachev is elected as the first President of the Soviet Union.
  • 18th March » Germans in the German Democratic Republic vote in the East German general election, 1990 or first democratic elections in the former communist dictatorship.
  • 18th March » In the largest art theft in US history, 12 paintings, collectively worth around $300 million, are stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 19th March » The ethnic clashes of Târgu Mureş begin four days after the anniversary of the Revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg areas.
  • 21st March » Namibia becomes independent after 75 years of South African rule.
  • 25th March » The Happy Land fire was an arson fire that kills 87 people trapped inside an illegal nightclub in The Bronx, New York City.
  • 27th March » The United States begins broadcasting TV Martí, an anti-Fidel Castro called Castro propaganda network, to Cuba.
  • 28th March » President of the United States e.g President George H. W. Bush posthumously awards Jesse Owens the Congressional Gold Medal.
  • 29th March » The Czechoslovakia known as Czechoslovak parliament is unable to reach an agreement on what to call the country after the fall of Communism, sparking the so-called Hyphen War.
  • 31st March » Approximately Poll Tax Riots or 200,000 protestors take to the streets of London to protest against the newly introduced Poll Tax.
  • 7th April » Iran Contra Affair: John Poindexter is found guilty of five charges for his part in the scandal (the conviction is later reversed on appeal).
  • 7th April » A fire breaks out on the passenger ferry M/S Scandinavian Star known as M/S 'Scandinavian Star', killing 158 people.
  • 11th April » Customs officers in Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom, say they have seized what they believe to be the barrel of a Supergun named massive gun on a ship bound for Iraq.
  • 16th April » The "Doctor of Death", Jack Kevorkian, participates in his first assisted suicide.
  • 23rd April » Namibia becomes the 160th member of the United Nations and the 50th member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • 24th April » STS-31: The Hubble Space Telescope is launched from the Space Shuttle program Space Shuttle 'Space Shuttle Discovery Discovery'. File:STS-31 Launch - GPN-2000-000684.jpg thumb right 250px Shuttle mission STS-31 lifts off, carrying Hubble Space Telescope H
  • 24th April » Gruinard Island, Scotland, is officially declared free of the anthrax disease after 48 years of quarantine.
  • 25th April » Violeta Chamorro takes office as the President of Nicaragua, the first woman to hold the position.
  • 1st May » The former Philippine Episcopal Church (supervised by the Episcopal Church of the United States of America) is granted full autonomy and raised to the status of an Autocephalous Anglican Province and renamed the Episcopal Church of the Philippines.
  • 4th May » Latvia On the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia named proclaims the renewal of its independence after the Soviet Union known as Soviet occupation.
  • 17th May » The General Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) eliminates homosexuality from the list of psychiatric diseases.
  • 18th May » In France, a modified TGV train achieves a new Land speed record for rail vehicles e.g rail world speed record of TGV world speed record called 515.3 km/h (320.2 mph).
  • 20th May » The first post-communism named Communist presidential and parliamentary elections are held in Romania.
  • 22nd May » Yemen Arab Republic or North and South Yemen are unified to create the Republic of Yemen.
  • 22nd May » Microsoft releases the Windows 3.0 operating system.
  • 25th May » Back to the Future Part III was released.
  • 1st June » George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev sign a treaty to end chemical weapon production.
  • 2nd June » The Lower Ohio Valley tornado outbreak of June 1990 known as Lower Ohio Valley tornado outbreak spawns 66 confirmed tornadoes in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, killing 12. Petersburg, Indiana, is the hardest-hit town in the outbreak, with six deat
  • 7th June » Universal Studios Florida opens in Orlando, FL.
  • 10th June » British Airways Flight 5390 lands safely at Southampton Airport after a blowout in the cockpit causes the captain to be partially sucked from the cockpit. There are no fatalities
  • 12th June » Russia Day: The parliament of the Russia or Russian Federation formally declares its sovereignty.
  • 13th June » First day of the June 1990 Mineriad in Romania. At least 240 strikers and students are arrested or killed in the chaos ensuing from the first post-Ceausescu elections.
  • 19th June » The current international law defending indigenous peoples, Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989, is ratified for the first time by Norway.
  • 19th June » The Communist Party of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic is founded in Moscow.
  • 20th June » Asteroid 5261 Eureka named Eureka is discovered.
  • 22nd June » Checkpoint Charlie is dismantled in Berlin.
  • 30th June » East Germany and West Germany merge their economies.
  • 1st July » German reunification: East Germany accepts the Deutsche Mark as its currency, thus uniting the economies of East and West Germany.
  • 11th July » Oka Crisis: First Nations land dispute in Quebec, Canada begins.
  • 16th July » The 1990 Luzon earthquake e.g Luzon Earthquake strikes in Benguet, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, La Union, Aurora (province) known as Aurora, Bataan, Zambales and Tarlac, Philippines, with an intensity of 7.7.
  • 16th July » The Verkhovna Rada Parliament of the Ukrainian SSR Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine declares state sovereignty over the territory of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Ukrainian SSR.
  • 24th July » Iraqi forces start massing on the Kuwait-Iraq border.
  • 26th July » The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is signed into law by President George H. W. Bush or George Bush.
  • 27th July » The Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic called Belarusian Soviet Republic declares independence of Belarus from the Soviet Union. Until 1996 the day is celebrated as the Independence Day of Belarus; after a Belarusian referendum,
  • 30th July » George Steinbrenner is forced by Commissioner Fay Vincent to resign as principal partner of New York Yankees for hiring Howie Spira to "get dirt" on Dave Winfield.
  • 2nd August » Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War.
  • 8th August » Iraq occupies Kuwait and the state is annexed to Iraq. This would lead to the Gulf War shortly afterward.
  • 10th August » The Magellan (spacecraft) known as Magellan space probe reaches Venus.
  • 10th August » More than 127 Muslims are killed in North East Sri Lanka by paramilitary troops.
  • 12th August » Sue (dinosaur) or Sue, the largest and most complete 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' skeleton found to date, is discovered by Sue Hendrickson in South Dakota.
  • 23rd August » Saddam Hussein appears on Iraqi state television with a number of Western world called Western "guests" (actually hostages) to try to prevent the Gulf War.
  • 23rd August » Armenia declares its independence from the Soviet Union.
  • 23rd August » West Germany and East Germany announce that they will reunite on October 3.
  • 28th August » Iraq declares Kuwait to be its newest Provinces of Iraq known as province.
  • 28th August » 1990 Plainfield tornado An F5 tornado strikes the Illinois cities of Plainfield, Illinois Plainfield and Joliet, Illinois Joliet, killing 29 people.
  • 2nd September » Transnistria is unilaterally proclaimed a Soviet Union or Soviet republic; the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet called Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev declares the decision null and void.
  • 5th September » Sri Lankan Civil War: Sri Lankan Army soldiers Eastern University massacre called slaughter 158 civilians.
  • 9th September » 1990 Batticaloa massacre, massacre of 184 minority Tamil people named Tamil civilians by Sri Lankan Army in the eastern Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka.
  • 12th September » The two German states and the Four Powers sign the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany in Moscow, paving the way for German reunification.
  • 15th September » France announces it will send 4,000 troops to the Persian Gulf.
  • 18th September » Liechtenstein becomes a member of the United Nations.
  • 20th September » South Ossetia declares its independence from Georgia (country) known as Georgia.
  • 24th September » Periodic Great White Spot is observed on Saturn.
  • 29th September » Construction of the Washington National Cathedral is completed.
  • 29th September » The YF-22, which would later become the F-22 Raptor, flies for the first time.
  • 2nd October » Xiamen Airlines Flight 8301 is hijacked and lands at Guangzhou, where it 1990 Guangzhou Baiyun airport collisions called crashes into two other airliners on the ground, killing 128.
  • 3rd October » German reunification: The East Germany or German Democratic Republic ceases to exist and its territory becomes part of the Germany named Federal Republic of Germany. East German citizens became part of the European Community, which later became the Europe
  • 5th October » After one hundred and fifty years 'The Herald (Melbourne) called The Herald' broadsheet newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, is published for the last time as a separate newspaper.
  • 8th October » Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: In Jerusalem, Israeli police kill 17 Palestinian people called Palestinians and wound over 100 near the Dome of the Rock mosque on the Temple Mount.
  • 13th October » End of the Lebanese Civil War. Syrian forces launch an attack on the free areas of Lebanon removing General Michel Aoun from the presidential palace.
  • 15th October » Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to lessen Cold War tensions and open up his nation.
  • 24th October » Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti reveals to the Italian parliament the existence of Operation Gladio named Gladio, the Italian "stay-behind" clandestine paramilitary NATO army, which was implicated in false flag terrorist attacks implicating commun
  • 2nd November » British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television plc merge to form BSkyB as a result of massive losses.
  • 5th November » Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the far-right Kach movement, is Assassination of Meir Kahane known as shot dead after a speech at a New York City hotel.
  • 7th November » Mary Robinson becomes the first woman to be elected President of Ireland e.g President of the Republic of Ireland.
  • 12th November » Crown Prince Akihito is formally installed as Emperor Akihito of Japan, becoming the 125th Japanese monarch.
  • 12th November » Tim Berners-Lee publishes a formal proposal for the World Wide Web.
  • 13th November » In Aramoana, New Zealand, David Gray shoots dead 13 people in Aramoana massacre called a massacre before being tracked down and killed by police the next day.
  • 14th November » After German reunification, the Germany named Federal Republic of Germany and Poland sign a treaty confirming the Oder–Neisse line as the border between Germany and Poland.
  • 15th November » Space Shuttle program: Space Shuttle Atlantis e.g Space Shuttle 'Atlantis' launches with flight STS-38.
  • 17th November » Fugendake, part of the Mount Unzen volcanic complex, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, becomes active again and erupts.
  • 22nd November » British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom called Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher withdraws from the Conservative Party (UK) leadership election, 1990 e.g Conservative Party leadership election, confirming the end of her premiership.
  • 26th November » The Delta II rocket makes its maiden flight.
  • 29th November » Gulf War: The United Nations Security Council passes two resolutions to restore international peace and security if Iraq does not withdraw its forces from Kuwait and free all foreign hostages by January 15, 1991.
  • 1st December » Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 metres beneath the seabed.
  • 3rd December » At Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Northwest Airlines Flight 1482 collides with Northwest Airlines Flight 299 on the runway, killing seven passengers and one crew member aboard flight 1482.
  • 11th December » Demonstrations by students and workers across Albania begin, which eventually triggers the fall of communism in Albania.
  • 22nd December » Final independence of Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia after termination of United Nations Trusteeship Council e.g trusteeship.
  • 22nd December » The Croatian Parliament adopts the current Constitution of Croatia.