Chinese Zodiac Signs 1212 Astrology Horoscope

Year 1212 Chinese Zodiac Sign is Monkey

  • Being born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign Monkey people are the geniuses of the cycle with erratic behaviours. Skillful, clever with a flexible mind that leads to being very inventive and original in thought. Solving difficult problems is what they do. There are certain type of fields that do not suit Monkeys well because of their habit of beint too agreeable. Getting things done and doing them fast is a goal of every Monkey. But when things don't get started immediately or move along fast they get impatient and discouraged to the point of abandoning projects. Bad habbit wise Monkeys tend to look down on other people. Having strong common sense Monkeys make good decisions. They have a thirst for knowledge. Add to this am excellent memorie. Having a strong will in many life situatuins Monkeys anger disappears fast once they cooled down.
  • Astrology character and traits of Monkey sign:
    Intelligent, desire for knowledge, skillful, inventive, curious, daring, easily discouraged, strong willed and vain.

1212 Zodiac Sign Monkey Compatibility

  • Chinese Zodiac Signs are based upon a twelve year lunar cycle. Your zodiac animal sign is determined by your birthday year. If you were born in 1212 then your astrological sign is Monkey. There are twelve animal signs. Each animal has it's own attributes and personality traits the Chinese believe comprise the nature of each particular animal.
  • Best matches for Zodiac Sign Monkey are: Snake, Rat, Dragon
  • Bad matches for Zodiac Sign Monkey are: Tiger

Historical Events for the Year 1212

  • 10th July Star Sign » The most severe of several early fires of London burns most of the city to the ground.
  • 16th July Star Sign » Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa: After Pope Innocent III calls European knights to a Crusades crusade, forces of Kings Alfonso VIII of Castile, Sancho VII of Navarre, Peter II of Aragon and Afonso II of Portugal defeat those of the Berber people Berber Musl
  • 26th September Star Sign » Golden Bull of Sicily is issued to confirm the hereditary royal title in Bohemia for the Přemyslid dynasty.

Famous Birthdays in 1212

  • 22nd March » Emperor Go-Horikawa of Japan (d. 1235)

Famous Deaths in History for 1212

  • 29th February » Hōnen, Japanese monk (b. 1133)
  • 26th March » Sancho I of Portugal (b. 1154)
  • 12th December » Geoffrey (archbishop of York) e.g Geoffrey, English archbishop (b. 1152)

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