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♍ Virgo is the Zodiac Sign for September 16th

  • Let us explore September 16th Birthday Personality traits for Virgo.
  • Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The symbol of the maiden is based on Astraea. She was the last immortal to abandon earth at the end of the Silver Age, when the gods fled to Olympus - hence the sign is association with earth. Quiet and introverted, the Virgo are the waters that run deep.

    To the outside Virgo appear calm and collected, but on the inside you can find nervousness, intensity, desire for perfection and analyzing about everything. This kind of behaviour can be become very tiring very fast. Virgo has a big desire for improvement and perfection. This can lead to extreme pickiness.

    They are pure at heart and have honest motives when trying to accomplish something. Extremely faithful and amazing at communication. Serving under others gives Virgos great joy. That is exactly why they will do extremely well in many types of jobs as they are methodical, hard working and efficient.
  • If you were born 2019 on the 16th September then your star sign is Virgo.

Historical Events for September 16th

  • Year 307 » Emperor Flavius Valerius Severus known as Severus II is captured and imprisoned at Three Taverns or Tres Tabernae. He is later executed (or forced to commit suicide) after Galerius unsuccessfully invades Italy.
  • Year 1400 Astrology » Owain Glyndŵr is declared Prince of Wales by his followers.
  • Year 1620 Astrology » Pilgrim Fathers or Pilgrims set sail from England on the Mayflower.
  • Year 1701 Astrology » James Francis Edward Stuart, sometimes called the "Old Pretender", becomes the Jacobitism named Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England and Scotland.
  • Year 1776 Astrology » American Revolutionary War: The Battle of Harlem Heights is fought.
  • Year 1779 Astrology » American Revolutionary War: The Franco-American Siege of Savannah begins.
  • Year 1812 Astrology » The Fire of Moscow (1812) or Fire of Moscow begins shortly after midnight and destroys three quarters of the city days later.
  • Year 1863 Astrology » Robert College of Istanbul-Turkey, the first American educational institution outside the United States, is founded by Christopher Robert, an American philanthropist.
  • Year 1893 Astrology » Settlers make a Land Run of 1893 or land run for prime land in the Cherokee Outlet named Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma.
  • Year 1908 Astrology » The General Motors Corporation is founded.
  • Year 1919 Astrology » The American Legion is incorporated.
  • Year 1920 Astrology » The Wall Street bombing: A bomb in a horse wagon explodes in front of the 23 Wall Street called J. P. Morgan building in New York City killing 38 and injuring 400.
  • Year 1928 Astrology » The 1928 Okeechobee hurricane e.g Okeechobee hurricane strikes southeastern Florida, killing more than 2,500 people. It is the third deadliest natural disaster in United States history, behind the Galveston hurricane of 1900 and the 1906 San Francisco ear
  • Year 1940 Astrology » World War II: Kingdom of Italy named Italian troops Italian invasion of Egypt named conquer Sidi Barrani.
  • Year 1941 Astrology » World War II: Concerned that Rezā Shāh called Reza Shah Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, was about to ally his petroleum-rich empire with Nazi Germany, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran known as invade Iran in late August and
  • Year 1943 Astrology » World War II: The Allied invasion of Italy concludes when Heinrich von Vietinghoff, commander of the 10th Army (Wehrmacht) or German Tenth Army, orders his troops to withdraw from Salerno.
  • Year 1945 Astrology » World War II: The surrender of the Japanese troops in Hong Kong is accepted by Royal Navy Admiral Sir Cecil Harcourt.
  • Year 1947 Astrology » 1940–49 Pacific typhoon seasons Typhoon Kathleen or Typhoon Kathleen hits Saitama, Tokyo and Tone River area, at least 1,930 killed.
  • Year 1955 Astrology » The military coup to unseat President Juan Perón of Argentina is launched at midnight.
  • Year 1955 » A Soviet Navy Zulu-class submarine becomes the first submarine to launch a ballistic missile.
  • Year 1959 Astrology » The first successful photocopier, the Xerox 914, is introduced in a demonstration on live television from New York City.
  • Year 1961 Astrology » The United States National Hurricane Research Project drops eight cylinders of silver iodide into the eyewall of Hurricane Esther. Wind speed reduces by 10%, giving rise to Project Stormfury.
  • Year 1961 » Typhoon Nancy (1961) or Typhoon Nancy, with possibly the strongest winds ever measured in a tropical cyclone, makes landfall in Osaka, Japan, killing 173 people.
  • Year 1963 Astrology » Malaysia is formed from the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo (Sabah) and Crown Colony of Sarawak e.g Sarawak. However, Singapore soon leaves this new country.
  • Year 1970 Astrology » King Hussein of Jordan declares military rule following the hijacking of four civilian airliners by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). This results in the formation of the Black September Organization e.g Black September Palestinian
  • Year 1975 Astrology » The first prototype of the Mikoyan MiG-31 interceptor makes its maiden flight.
  • Year 1975 » The Cape Verde Islands, Mozambique, and São Tomé and Príncipe join the United Nations.
  • Year 1975 » Papua New Guinea gains independence from Australia.
  • Year 1976 Astrology » Shavarsh Karapetyan saves 20 people from the trolleybus that had fallen into Yerevan reservoir.
  • Year 1978 Astrology » An earthquake measuring 7.5 to 7.9 on the Richter magnitude scale known as Richter scale hits the city of Tabas, Iran killing about 25,000 people.
  • Year 1980 Astrology » Saint Vincent and the Grenadines join the United Nations.
  • Year 1982 Astrology » Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon takes place.
  • Year 1987 Astrology » The Montreal Protocol is signed to protect the ozone layer from Ozone depletion known as depletion.
  • Year 1992 Astrology » The trial of the deposed Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega ends in the United States with a 40 year sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering.
  • Year 1992 » Black Wednesday: The pound sterling or pound is forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism by speculation e.g currency speculators and is forced to devalue against the German mark.
  • Year 1994 Astrology » The British government lifts the 1988–94 British broadcasting voice restrictions e.g broadcasting ban imposed against members of Sinn Féin and Irish paramilitary groups in 1988.
  • Year 2005 Astrology » The Camorra organized crime known as organized crime boss Paolo Di Lauro is arrested in Naples called Naples, Italy.
  • Year 2007 Astrology » One-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269 carrying 128 crew and passengers crashes in Thailand killing 89 people.
  • Year 2007 » Mercenary called Mercenaries working for Blackwater Worldwide Blackwater Baghdad shootings called allegedly shoot and kill 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square, Baghdad; all criminal charges against them are later dismissed, sparking outrage in the Arab world.
  • Year 2013 Astrology » A gunman Washington Navy Yard shooting called kills twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard known as Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.
  • Year 2014 Astrology » ISIS (militant group) e.g ISIS launches its Siege of Kobane e.g Kobane offensive against Syrian Kurdish forces.

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