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♋ Cancer is the Zodiac Sign for July 17th

  • Let us explore July 17th Birthday Personality traits for Cancer.
  • Cancer is the fourth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Cancer. The symbol of the crab is based on the Karkinos, a giant crab that bit Hercules during his fight with the Hydra.

    Cancer is a mysterious sign, full of contradictions. Wanting security and comfort while at the same time seeking adventure. Being helpful to others while at times cranky and indifferent. Cancer has forceful personality that is kept hidden under a calm and cool exterior. They can come out of their shell and shine, but then go right back and hide in their shell in the depths of the ocean.

    Cancers value home comforts above all. True happiness can be found with a tranquil and harmonious home life. Comfort at home for themselves and their families is a high priority. Cancer is a sign that avoids conflicts and easily helps others to avoid trouble. Persistence and determination is their big strength.

    Having a warm home and loving family could be called the ambition of a Cancer. You would probably want a Cancer to be your manager because theicare and treat their employes as family. To their family Cancer is and will always be loyal and dedicated.
  • If you were born 2018 on the 17th July then your star sign is Cancer.

Historical Events for July 17th

  • Year 180 » Scillitan Martyrs called Twelve inhabitants of Scillium in North Africa are executed for being Christians. This is the earliest record of Christianity in that part of the world.
  • Year 1203 Astrology » The Fourth Crusade captures Constantinople by assault. The List of Byzantine emperors known as Byzantine emperor Alexios III Angelos flees from his capital into exile.
  • Year 1402 Astrology » Zhu Di, better known by his Regnal name e.g era name as the Yongle Emperor, assumes the throne over the Ming Dynasty of China.
  • Year 1762 Astrology » Catherine the Great called Catherine II becomes tsar of Russia upon the murder of Peter III of Russia.
  • Year 1771 Astrology » Bloody Falls Massacre: Chipewyan people called Chipewyan chief Matonabbee, traveling as the guide to Samuel Hearne on his Arctic overland journey, massacres a group of unsuspecting Inuit.
  • Year 1791 Astrology » Members of the National Guard (France) French National Guard under the command of Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette General Lafayette Champ de Mars Massacre open fire on a crowd of radical Jacobin (politics) Jacobins at the Champ de Mars, Paris, dur
  • Year 1856 Astrology » The Great Train Wreck of 1856 in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, kills over 60 people.
  • Year 1867 Astrology » Harvard School of Dental Medicine is established in Boston or Boston, Massachusetts. It is the first dental school in the U.S. that is affiliated with a university.
  • Year 1896 Astrology » Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Indian people or Indian sage, at age 16, spontaneously initiates a process of self-enquiry that culminates within a few minutes in his own permanent enlightenment (spiritual) named awakening.
  • Year 1899 Astrology » NEC known as NEC Corporation is organized as the first Japanese joint venture with foreign capital.
  • Year 1917 Astrology » King George V issues a Proclamation stating that the male line descendants of the British Royal Family will bear the surname House of Windsor named Windsor.
  • Year 1918 Astrology » Nicholas II of Russia Tsar Nicholas II of Russian Empire Russia and his immediate family and retainers Shooting of the Romanov family are murdered by Bolshevik Cheka Chekists at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Repub
  • Year 1918 » The RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued the 705 survivors from the RMS Titanic, is sunk off Ireland by the German SMU U-55; five lives are lost.
  • Year 1932 Astrology » Altona Bloody Sunday: A riot between the Nazi Party paramilitary forces, the Schutzstaffel SS and Sturmabteilung SA, and the Communist Party of Germany German Communist Party ensues.
  • Year 1933 Astrology » After successfully crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Lithuanian research aircraft Lituanica crashes in Europe under mysterious circumstances.
  • Year 1936 Astrology » Spanish Civil War: An Spanish coup of July 1936 called Armed Forces rebellion against the recently elected leftist Popular Front (Spain) named Popular Front government of Spain starts the civil war.
  • Year 1938 Astrology » Douglas Corrigan takes off from Floyd Bennett Field e.g Brooklyn to fly the "wrong way" to Ireland and becomes known as "Wrong Way" Corrigan.
  • Year 1944 Astrology » Port Chicago disaster: Near the San Francisco Bay, two ships laden with ammunition for the war explode in Port Chicago, California, killing 320.
  • Year 1944 » World War II: Napalm incendiary bombs are dropped for the first time by American Lockheed P-38 Lightning named P-38 pilots on a fuel depot at Coutances, near Saint-Lô, France.
  • Year 1945 Astrology » World War II: The main three leaders of the Allies of World War II or Allied nations, Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman and Joseph Stalin, Potsdam Conference or meet in the German city of Potsdam to decide the future of a defeated Germany.
  • Year 1948 Astrology » The South Korean Constitution of the Republic of Korea called constitution is proclaimed.
  • Year 1953 Astrology » The largest number of United States midshipman casualties in a single event results from an USMC R4Q NROTC crash or aircraft crash in Florida killing 44.
  • Year 1955 Astrology » Disneyland is dedicated and opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, California.
  • Year 1962 Astrology » Nuclear weapons testing: The "Small Boy" test shot Little Feller (nuclear tests) named Little Feller I becomes the last atmospheric test detonation at the Nevada National Security Site.
  • Year 1973 Astrology » King Mohammed Zahir Shah of Afghanistan is deposed by his cousin Mohammed Daoud Khan while in Italy undergoing eye surgery.
  • Year 1975 Astrology » Apollo–Soyuz Test Project: An American Apollo program e.g Apollo and a Soviet Soyuz (spacecraft) known as Soyuz spacecraft dock with each other in orbit marking the first such link-up between spacecraft from the two nations.
  • Year 1976 Astrology » The opening of the 1976 Summer Olympics or Summer Olympics in Montreal is marred by 25 African people or African teams boycotting the New Zealand team.
  • Year 1976 » East Timor is annexation called annexed, and becomes the 27th Provinces of Indonesia named province of Indonesia.
  • Year 1979 Astrology » Nicaraguan dictator General Anastasio Somoza Debayle resigns and flees to Miami, Florida.
  • Year 1981 Astrology » The opening of the Humber Bridge by Queen Elizabeth II in England named England, United Kingdom.
  • Year 1981 » A structural failure leads to the collapse of Hyatt Regency walkway collapse known as a walkway at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, Missouri killing 114 people and injuring more than 200.
  • Year 1985 Astrology » Founding of the EUREKA Network by former head of states François Mitterrand (France) and Helmut Kohl (Germany).
  • Year 1989 Astrology » First flight of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit e.g B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber.
  • Year 1989 » Holy See–Poland relations are restored.
  • Year 1996 Astrology » TWA Flight 800: Off the coast of Long Island or Long Island, New York, a Paris-bound TWA Boeing 747 explodes, killing all 230 on board.
  • Year 1996 » The Community of Portuguese Language Countries is founded.
  • Year 1998 Astrology » 1998 Papua New Guinea earthquake known as Papua New Guinea earthquake: A tsunami triggered by an undersea earthquake destroys 10 villages in Papua New Guinea killing an estimated 3,183, leaving 2,000 more unaccounted for and thousands more homeless.
  • Year 1998 » A diplomatic conference adopts the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, establishing a International Criminal Court known as permanent international court to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the cri
  • Year 2001 Astrology » Concorde is brought back in to service nearly a year after the Air France 4590 e.g July 2000 crash.
  • Year 2007 Astrology » TAM Airlines Flight 3054, an Airbus A320 family called Airbus A320, crashes into a warehouse after landing too fast and missing the end of the Congonhas-São Paulo Airport runway, killing 199 people.
  • Year 2014 Astrology » Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a Boeing 777, crashes near the border of Ukraine and Russia after being shot down. All 298 people on board are killed.

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