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♓ Pisces is the Zodiac Sign for February 24th

  • Let us explore February 24th Birthday Personality traits for Pisces.
  • The symbol of the fish is derived from the ichthyocentaurs, who aided Aphrodite when she was born from the sea. The fish are usually portrayed swimming in opposite directions, this represents the duality within the Piscean nature. Divine associations with Pisces include Poseidon/Neptune, Vishnu, Christ, Aphrodite, Eros, and Typhon.

    Pisceans are asserted to be perceptive, emotional and receptive. Pisces are a mutable sign, which makes them receptive, and susceptible to change. Astrologists believe that events in Pisceans lives are prominently repeated, this includes both positive and negative events.

    Dreamy, mystical, and artistic are some keywords to describe this zodiac sign. It is generally considered a feminine sign and colors that have been used to represent the Pisces sign are gray or blue gray. The body parts associated with Pisces are the feet or the toes.
    Scorpios and Cancers make the best partners for Pisceans.
  • If you were born 2021 on the 24th February then your star sign is Pisces.

Historical Events for February 24th

  • Year 303 » Galerius publishes his edict that begins the Diocletianic Persecution e.g persecution of Christians in his portion of the Roman Empire.
  • Year 484 » King Huneric removes the Christian bishops from their offices and banished some to Corsica. A few are martyred, including former proconsul Victorian, Frumentius and Companions called Victorian along with Frumentius and other merchants. They are killed at
  • Year 1303 Astrology » Battle of Roslin, of the First War of Scottish Independence.
  • Year 1387 Astrology » King Charles III of Naples and Hungary is assassinated at Buda.
  • Year 1525 Astrology » Spanish-Imperial army defeat French army at Battle of Pavia.
  • Year 1538 Astrology » Treaty of Nagyvárad between Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor named Ferdinand I and John Zápolya.
  • Year 1582 Astrology » Pope Gregory XIII announces the Gregorian calendar.
  • Year 1711 Astrology » The London première of 'Rinaldo (opera) called Rinaldo' by George Frideric Handel, the first Italian opera written for the London stage.
  • Year 1803 Astrology » In 'Marbury v. Madison', the Supreme Court of the United States establishes the principle of judicial review.
  • Year 1822 Astrology » The first Swaminarayan temple in the world, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad, is inaugurated.
  • Year 1826 Astrology » The signing of the Treaty of Yandabo marks the end of the First Anglo-Burmese War.
  • Year 1831 Astrology » The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, the first removal treaty in accordance with the Indian Removal Act, is proclaimed. The Choctaws in Mississippi cede land east of the river in exchange for payment and land in the West.
  • Year 1848 Astrology » List of French monarchs or King Louis-Philippe of France abdicates the throne.
  • Year 1863 Astrology » Arizona is organized as a Political divisions of the United States called United States territory.
  • Year 1868 Astrology » Andrew Johnson becomes the first President of the United States to be Impeachment of Andrew Johnson or impeached by the United States House of Representatives. He is later acquitted in the United States Senate known as Senate.
  • Year 1875 Astrology » The SS known as Gothenburg hits the Great Barrier Reef and sinks off the Australian east coast, killing approximately 100, including a number of high profile civil servants and dignitaries.
  • Year 1881 Astrology » China and Russia sign the Sino-Russian Ili Treaty.
  • Year 1895 Astrology » Revolution breaks out in Baire, a town near Santiago de Cuba, beginning the Cuban War of Independence, that ends with the Spanish–American War in 1898.
  • Year 1917 Astrology » World War I: The U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom is given the Zimmermann Telegram, in which Germany pledges to ensure the return of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona to Mexico if Mexico declares war on the United States.
  • Year 1918 Astrology » Estonian Declaration of Independence.
  • Year 1920 Astrology » The Nazi Party is founded.
  • Year 1942 Astrology » The Battle of Los Angeles, one of the largest documented UFO sightings in history; the event lasted into the early hours of February 25.
  • Year 1942 » An order-in-council passed under the Defence of Canada Regulations of the War Measures Act gives the Government of Canada named Canadian federal government the power to Japanese Canadian internment called intern all "persons of Japanese racial origin".
  • Year 1945 Astrology » Egyptian Premier Ahmad Mahir Pasha is killed in Parliament of Egypt called Parliament after reading a decree.
  • Year 1968 Astrology » Vietnam War: The Tet Offensive is halted; South Vietnam recaptures Hué.
  • Year 1971 Astrology » The All India Forward Bloc holds an emergency central committee meeting after its chairman, Hemantha Kumar Bose, is killed 3 days earlier. P.K. Mookiah Thevar is appointed as the new chairman.
  • Year 1976 Astrology » Cuba: Constitution of Cuba 1976 Constitution named national Constitution is proclaimed.
  • Year 1980 Astrology » The United States Ice hockey at the Olympic Games named Olympic Hockey team completes their Miracle on Ice by defeating Finland 4-2 to win the gold medal.
  • Year 1981 Astrology » An earthquake registering 6.7 on the Richter magnitude scale or Richter scale hits Athens, killing 16 people and destroying buildings in several towns west of the city.
  • Year 1983 Astrology » A special commission of the United States Congress known as U.S. Congress releases a report that condemns the practice of Japanese American internment known as Japanese internment during World War II.
  • Year 1984 Astrology » Tyrone Mitchell perpetrates the 49th Street Elementary School shooting in Los Angeles, killing two children and injuring 12 more.
  • Year 1989 Astrology » Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini offers a US$3 million The Satanic Verses controversy e.g bounty for the death of 'The Satanic Verses' author Salman Rushdie.
  • Year 1989 » United Airlines Flight 811, bound for New Zealand from Honolulu, rips open during flight, blowing 9 passengers out of the business-class section.
  • Year 1996 Astrology » The last occurrence of February 24 as a leap day in the European Union and for the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Year 2006 Astrology » President of the Philippines or Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declares Proclamation 1017 placing the country in a 2006 state of emergency in the Philippines e.g state of emergency in attempt to subdue a possible military coup.
  • Year 2007 Astrology » Japan launches its fourth spy satellite, stepping up its ability to monitor potential threats such as North Korea.
  • Year 2008 Astrology » Fidel Castro retires as the President of Cuba after nearly fifty years.
  • Year 2011 Astrology » Final Launch of Space Shuttle 'Space Shuttle Discovery or Discovery' (OV-103).

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