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♓ Pisces is the Zodiac Sign for February 25th

  • Let us explore February 25th Birthday Personality traits for Pisces.
  • The symbol of the fish is derived from the ichthyocentaurs, who aided Aphrodite when she was born from the sea. The fish are usually portrayed swimming in opposite directions, this represents the duality within the Piscean nature. Divine associations with Pisces include Poseidon/Neptune, Vishnu, Christ, Aphrodite, Eros, and Typhon.

    Pisceans are asserted to be perceptive, emotional and receptive. Pisces are a mutable sign, which makes them receptive, and susceptible to change. Astrologists believe that events in Pisceans lives are prominently repeated, this includes both positive and negative events.

    Dreamy, mystical, and artistic are some keywords to describe this zodiac sign. It is generally considered a feminine sign and colors that have been used to represent the Pisces sign are gray or blue gray. The body parts associated with Pisces are the feet or the toes.
    Scorpios and Cancers make the best partners for Pisceans.
  • If you were born 2017 on the 25th February then your star sign is Pisces.

Historical Events for February 25th

  • Year 138 » The Roman emperor Hadrian adopts Antoninus Pius, effectively making him his successor.
  • Year 493 » Odoacer surrenders Ravenna after a 3-year siege and agrees to a mediated peace with Theodoric the Great.
  • Year 628 » Khosrau II is overthrown by his son Kavadh II.
  • Year 1336 Astrology » 4,000 defenders of Pilėnai commit mass suicide rather than be taken captive by the Teutonic Knights.
  • Year 1570 Astrology » Pope Pius V Excommunication e.g excommunicates Queen Elizabeth I of England.
  • Year 1797 Astrology » Colonel William Tate and his force of 1000-1500 soldiers surrender after the Battle of Fishguard called Last invasion of Britain.
  • Year 1821 Astrology » Greek War of Independence: Alexander Ypsilantis issues a proclamation at Iași, announcing that he had "the support of a great power" (i.e. Russia).
  • Year 1831 Astrology » Battle of Olszynka Grochowska, part of Polish November Uprising against Russian Empire.
  • Year 1836 Astrology » Samuel Colt is granted a United States patent for the Colt Firearms named Colt revolver.
  • Year 1843 Astrology » Provisional Cession of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands established by Lord George Paulet.
  • Year 1856 Astrology » A Congress of Paris (1856) or Peace conference opens in Paris after the Crimean War.
  • Year 1866 Astrology » Miners in Calaveras County, California, discover what is now called the Calaveras Skull - human remains that supposedly indicated that man, mastodons, and elephants had co-existed.
  • Year 1870 Astrology » Hiram Rhodes Revels, a Republican Party (United States) named Republican from Mississippi, is sworn into the United States Senate, becoming the first African American ever to sit in the Congress of the United States or U.S. Congress.
  • Year 1901 Astrology » J. P. Morgan incorporates the U.S. Steel called United States Steel Corporation.
  • Year 1912 Astrology » Marie-Adélaïde, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Marie-Adélaïde, the eldest of six daughters of Guillaume IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg Guillaume IV, becomes the first reigning Grand Duke of Luxembourg Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.
  • Year 1916 Astrology » World War I: the Germans capture Fort Douaumont during the Battle of Verdun.
  • Year 1919 Astrology » Oregon places a one cent per U.S. gallon gasoline tax named tax on gasoline, becoming the first U.S. state to levy a gasoline tax.
  • Year 1921 Astrology » Tbilisi, capital of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, is Soviet invasion of Georgia called occupied by Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic called Bolshevist Russia.
  • Year 1928 Astrology » Charles Jenkins Laboratories of Washington, D.C. becomes the first holder of a television license from the Federal Radio Commission.
  • Year 1932 Astrology » Adolf Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization, which allows him to run in the 1932 election for Reichspräsident.
  • Year 1933 Astrology » The USS Ranger CV-4 6 is launched. It is the first US Navy ship to be built solely as an aircraft carrier.
  • Year 1941 Astrology » February Strike: In History of the Netherlands (1939-1945) German occupation known as occupied Amsterdam, a general strike is declared in response to increasing anti-Jewish measures instituted by the Nazis.
  • Year 1945 Astrology » World War II: Turkey declares war on Germany.
  • Year 1947 Astrology » The State of Prussia ceases to exist.
  • Year 1951 Astrology » The first Pan American Games are held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Year 1954 Astrology » Gamal Abdel Nasser is made premier of Egypt.
  • Year 1956 Astrology » In his speech 'On the Personality Cult and its Consequences', Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union denounces the cult of personality of Joseph Stalin.
  • Year 1964 Astrology » U.S. Air Force launches a satellite employing a US Air Force Atlas/Agena combination from Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 4 known as Point Arguello (LC-2-3) in California and from Cape Kennedy in Florida.
  • Year 1964 » North Korean Prime Minister Kim Il-sung calls for the removal of Feudalism called feudalistic land ownership aimed at turning all cooperative farms into state-run ones.
  • Year 1971 Astrology » The first unit of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, the first commercial nuclear power station in Canada, goes online.
  • Year 1991 Astrology » Gulf War: An Iraqi scud missile hits an American military barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia killing 28 United States Army Reserve e.g U.S. Army Reservists from Pennsylvania.
  • Year 1991 » The Warsaw Pact is declared disbanded.
  • Year 1992 Astrology » Khojaly massacre: about 613 civilians are killed by Armenian armed forces during the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.
  • Year 1994 Astrology » Mosque of Abraham massacre: In the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron, Baruch Goldstein opens fire with an automatic rifle, killing 29 Palestinian people or Palestinian worshippers and injuring 125 more before being subdued and beaten
  • Year 1997 Astrology » Yi Han-yong, North Korean defector was murdered by unidentified assailants in Bundang, South Korea.
  • Year 2009 Astrology » Members of the Border Guards Bangladesh named Bangladesh Rifles 2009 Bangladesh Rifles revolt named mutiny at their headquarters in Pilkhana, Dhaka, Bangladesh, resulting in 74 deaths, including more than 50 army officials.

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