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♈ Aries is the Zodiac Sign for March 25th

  • Let us explore March 25th Birthday Personality traits for Aries.
  • Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. The symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus, the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece.

    Having impressive leadership qualities Aries tend to have burning desires to get started off and make things happen. Aries traits are adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, dynamic and quick-witted. Leaving very strong impressions on others that they are exciting, vibrant and talkative.

    Aries love adventure in their lives and being the center of attention is a must. One reason for this could be their natural confidence and ablity for leadership. Aries are enthusiastic and impulsive. Their motto is act first and think later. This impulsiveness can lead to regret in the future.

    Aries are loyal mates. When Aries falls in love, they will straight away go and express it to the one with whom they are in love without giving it a much thought. They can make good athletes and climbers, doctors, explorers, soldiers, sailors and airmen, and leaders, though awkward subordinates, in industry and politics.
  • If you were born 2017 on the 25th March then your star sign is Aries.

Historical Events for March 25th

  • Year 708 » Pope Constantine succeeds Pope Sisinnius as the 88th pope.
  • Year 717 » Theodosios III resigns the throne to the Byzantine Empire to enter the clergy.
  • Year 1199 Astrology » Richard I of England or Richard I is wounded by a crossbow bolt while fighting France, leading to his death on April 6.
  • Year 1306 Astrology » Robert the Bruce becomes List of monarchs of Scotland called King of Scotland.
  • Year 1409 Astrology » The Council of Pisa opens.
  • Year 1555 Astrology » The city of Valencia, Carabobo named Valencia is founded in present-day Venezuela.
  • Year 1584 Astrology » Walter Raleigh named Sir Walter Raleigh is granted a patent to colonize Virginia.
  • Year 1634 Astrology » The first settlers arrive in Maryland.
  • Year 1802 Astrology » The Treaty of Amiens is signed as a "Definitive Treaty of Peace" between France and the United Kingdom.
  • Year 1807 Astrology » The Swansea and Mumbles Railway, then known as the Oystermouth Railway, becomes the first passenger carrying railway in the world.
  • Year 1807 » The Slave Trade Act 1807 known as Slave Trade Act becomes law, abolishing the slave trade in the British Empire.
  • Year 1811 Astrology » Percy Bysshe Shelley is expelled from the University of Oxford for publishing the pamphlet 'The Necessity of Atheism'.
  • Year 1821 Astrology » (Julian Calendar) Traditional date of the start of the Greek War of Independence. The war had actually begun on 23 February 1821. The date was chosen in the early years of the Greek state so that it falls on the day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virg
  • Year 1865 Astrology » American Civil War: In Virginia, Confederate States of America Confederate forces temporarily capture Battle of Fort Stedman Fort Stedman from the Union (American Civil War) Union.
  • Year 1911 Astrology » In New York City, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire kills 146 garment workers.
  • Year 1914 Astrology » Aris Thessaloniki named Aris is founded in Thessaloniki.
  • Year 1917 Astrology » The Georgian Orthodox Church restores its autocephaly abolished by Imperial Russia in 1811.
  • Year 1924 Astrology » On the anniversary of Greek War of Independence called Greek Independence, Alexandros Papanastasiou proclaims the Second Hellenic Republic.
  • Year 1931 Astrology » The Scottsboro Boys are arrested in Alabama and charged with rape.
  • Year 1941 Astrology » The Kingdom of Yugoslavia joins the Axis powers with the signing of the Tripartite Pact.
  • Year 1947 Astrology » An 1947 Centralia mine disaster known as explosion in a coal mine in Centralia, Illinois kills 111.
  • Year 1948 Astrology » The first successful tornado Weather forecasting known as forecast predicts that 1948 Tinker Air Force Base tornadoes called a tornado will strike Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma.
  • Year 1949 Astrology » The extensive deportation campaign known as March deportation is conducted in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to force collectivisation by way of Terrorism or terror. The Soviet Union e.g Soviet authorities deport more than 92,000 people from the Baltics to
  • Year 1957 Astrology » The European Economic Community is established with West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg as the first members.
  • Year 1965 Astrology » Civil rights activists led by Martin Luther King, Jr. successfully complete Selma to Montgomery marches called their 4-day 50-mile march from Selma, Alabama known as Selma to the capitol in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Year 1969 Astrology » During their honeymoon, John Lennon and Yoko Ono hold their first Bed-In called Bed-In for Peace at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel (until March 31).
  • Year 1971 Astrology » Bangladesh Liberation War: Beginning of Operation Searchlight by the Pakistani Armed Forces against East Pakistani civilians.
  • Year 1971 » The Army of the Republic of Vietnam Operation Lam Son 719 called abandon an attempt to cut off the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos.
  • Year 1975 Astrology » Faisal of Saudi Arabia is shot and killed by a mental illness named mentally ill nephew.
  • Year 1979 Astrology » The first fully functional space shuttle orbiter, 'Space Shuttle Columbia known as Columbia', is delivered to the John F. Kennedy Space Center to be prepared for its first launch.
  • Year 1988 Astrology » The Candle demonstration in Bratislava known as Candle demonstration in Bratislava is the first mass demonstration of the 1980s against the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.
  • Year 1990 Astrology » The Happy Land fire was an arson fire that kills 87 people trapped inside an illegal nightclub in The Bronx, New York City.
  • Year 1992 Astrology » The Pakistan national cricket team wins the 1992 Cricket World Cup at Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • Year 1992 » Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returns to Earth after a 10-month stay aboard the Mir space station.
  • Year 1993 Astrology » Warrington Bomb victim Tim Parry dies five days after an Irish Republican Army called IRA bomb detonated in Warrington, Cheshire on 20 March 1993 in the second of the Warrington bomb attacks.
  • Year 1996 Astrology » An Montana Freemen Standoff named 81-day-long standoff between the anti-government group Montana Freemen and law enforcement near Jordan, Montana, begins.
  • Year 2006 Astrology » Protesters demanding a new election in Belarus, following the rigged Belarusian presidential election, 2006, clash with riot police. Opposition leader Aleksander Kozulin is among several protesters arrested.

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