Chinese Zodiac Signs 1797 Astrology Horoscope

Year 1797 Chinese Zodiac Sign is Snake

  • Being born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign Snake people possess great wisdom and are percieved as being deep. Saying little but when they speak then it matters. Having good financial fortune is why they don't have to worry about money. Vanity, stingyness and selfishness are the bad traits of a Snake. Being conscious of their own good fortune Snakes have amazing sympathy and readiness to help for others not so well off. Snakes like to rely on their own judgement and hate being judged by others. This is why they have a tendency to ovedo things as a result. Great passion and intensity can be found in Snakes when you look under the surface. They hate to fail and have much determination in achieving their goals. Snakes ted to be good looking. Fickleness is the most common reason for relationship problems.
  • Astrology character and traits of Snake sign:
    Quiet, wise, deep thinking, intuitive, vain, stingy, seem calm, intense, passionate, intuitive, regulated and shrewd.

1797 Zodiac Sign Snake Compatibility

  • Chinese Zodiac Signs are based upon a twelve year lunar cycle. Your zodiac animal sign is determined by your birthday year. If you were born in 1797 then your astrological sign is Snake. There are twelve animal signs. Each animal has it's own attributes and personality traits the Chinese believe comprise the nature of each particular animal.
  • Best matches for Zodiac Sign Snake are: Monkey, Rooster, Ox, Dragon
  • Bad matches for Zodiac Sign Snake are: Pig

Historical Events for the Year 1797

  • 7th January Star Sign » The modern Flag of Italy named Italian flag is first used.
  • 13th January Star Sign » French Revolutionary Wars: A Action of 13 January 1797 named naval battle between a French ship of the line and two British frigates off the coast of Brittany ends with the French vessel running aground, resulting in over 900 deaths.
  • 4th February Star Sign » The 1797 Riobamba earthquake e.g Riobamba earthquake strikes Ecuador, causing up to 40,000 casualties.
  • 14th February Star Sign » French Revolutionary Wars: Battle of Cape St Vincent (1797) Battle of Cape St. Vincent John Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent John Jervis, (later 1st Earl of St Vincent) and Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson Horatio Nelson (later 1st Viscount Nelson) lead
  • 18th February Star Sign » French Revolutionary Wars: Sir Ralph Abercromby and a fleet of 18 Kingdom of Great Britain or British warships Invasion of Trinidad (1797) called invade Trinidad.
  • 22nd February Star Sign » The Last Invasion of Britain begins near Fishguard, Wales.
  • 25th February Star Sign » Colonel William Tate and his force of 1000-1500 soldiers surrender after the Battle of Fishguard called Last invasion of Britain.
  • 2nd March Star Sign » The Bank of England Bank of England note issues issues the first Banknotes of the pound sterling one-pound and Banknotes of the pound sterling two-pound banknotes.
  • 17th April Star Sign » Sir Ralph Abercromby Battle of San Juan (1797) named attacks San Juan, Puerto Rico, in what would be one of the largest invasions of the Spanish territories in America.
  • 17th April » Citizens of Verona, Italy, begin an Veronese Easters e.g eight-day rebellion against the First French Republic or French occupying forces, which will end unsuccessfully.
  • 18th April Star Sign » The Battle of Neuwied (1797) e.g Battle of Neuwied France called French victory against the Austrians.
  • 12th May Star Sign » First Coalition: Napoleon I of France conquers Venice.
  • 22nd July Star Sign » Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1797) called Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Battle between Spanish and British naval forces during the French Revolutionary Wars. During the Battle, Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson known as Nelson is w
  • 25th July Star Sign » Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson or Horatio Nelson loses more than 300 men and his right arm during the failed conquest attempt of Tenerife (Spain).
  • 4th September Star Sign » Coup of 18 Fructidor in France.
  • 11th October Star Sign » Battle of Camperdown: Naval battle between Royal Navy and Royal Netherlands Navy during the French Revolutionary Wars. The outcome of the battle was a decisive British victory.
  • 18th October Star Sign » Treaty of Campo Formio is signed between France and Austria
  • 21st October Star Sign » In Boston Harbor, the 44-gun United States Navy frigate USS called Constitution is launched.
  • 22nd October Star Sign » AndrĂ©-Jacques Garnerin makes the first recorded parachute jump from one thousand meters (3,200 feet) above Paris.

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