What Happened In History Year 1554

Historical Events for the Year 1554

  • 5th January » A great fire occurs in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • 12th January » Bayinnaung, who would go on to assemble the largest empire in the history of Southeast Asia, is crowned List of Burmese monarchs e.g King of Burma.
  • 25th January » Founding of São Paulo (city) or São Paulo city, Brazil.
  • 12th February » A year after claiming the throne of England for nine days, Lady Jane Grey is beheaded for treason.
  • 23rd February » Mapuche forces, under the leadership of Lautaro, score a victory over the Spanish Empire named Spanish at the Battle of Marihueñu in Chile.
  • 21st May » Mary I of England called Queen Mary I grants a royal charter to Derby School, as a grammar school for boys in Derby, England.
  • 25th July » Mary I of England e.g Mary I marries Philip II of Spain at Winchester Cathedral.

Famous Birthdays in 1554

  • 9th January » Pope Gregory XV (d. 1623)
  • 20th January » Sebastian of Portugal (d. 1578)
  • 26th March » Charles, Duke of Mayenne (d. 1611)
  • 20th May » Paolo Bellasio, Italian organist and composer (d. 1594)
  • 5th July » Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France (d. 1592)
  • 30th November » Philip Sidney, English soldier, courtier, and poet (d. 1586)
  • 19th December » Philip William, Prince of Orange (d. 1618)

Famous Deaths in History for 1554

  • 16th January » Christiern Pedersen, Danish publisher and scholar (b. 1480)
  • 12th February » Lord Guildford Dudley, English husband of Lady Jane Grey (b. 1536)
  • 12th February » Lady Jane Grey, English daughter of Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk (b. 1537)
  • 21st February » Hieronymus Bock, German botanist (b. 1498)
  • 23rd February » Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk, English politician (b. 1515)
  • 3rd March » John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony (b. 1503)
  • 11th April » Thomas Wyatt the Younger, English rebel leader (b. 1521)
  • 25th August » Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, English politician, Lord High Treasurer (b. 1473)
  • 22nd September » Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, Spanish explorer (b. 1510)

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