What Happened In History Year 1593

Historical Events for the Year 1593

  • 27th January » The Holy See named Vatican opens the seven-year trial of scholar Giordano Bruno.
  • 12th February » Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–98) or Japanese invasion of Korea: Approximately 3,000 Joseon defenders led by general Kwon Yul successfully repel more than 30,000 Japanese forces in the Siege of Haengju.
  • 1st March » The Uppsala Synod is summoned to confirm the exact forms of the Lutheranism called Lutheran Church of Sweden.
  • 22nd June » Battle of Sisak: Allied Christian troops defeat the Ottoman Empire named Turks.
  • 25th July » Henry IV of France publicly converts from Protestantism to Catholic Church known as Roman Catholicism.
  • 27th August » Pierre Barrière fails in his attempt to assassinate King Henry IV of France.

Famous Birthdays in 1593

  • 13th March » Georges de La Tour, French painter (d. 1652)
  • 25th March » Jean de Brébeuf, French-Canadian missionary and saint (d. 1649)
  • 3rd April » George Herbert, Welsh-English priest and poet (d. 1633)
  • 4th April » Edward Nicholas, English politician (d. 1669)
  • 13th April » Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (d. 1641)
  • 19th May » Jacob Jordaens, Flemish painter (d. 1678)
  • 20th May » Salomo Glassius, German theologian and critic (d. 1656)
  • 8th July » Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian painter (d. 1653)
  • 20th September » Gottfried Scheidt, German organist and composer (d. 1661)
  • 22nd September » Matthäus Merian, Swiss-German engraver and cartographer (d. 1650)

Famous Deaths in History for 1593

  • 6th February » Jacques Amyot, French author (b. 1513)
  • 6th February » Emperor Ōgimachi of Japan (b. 1517)
  • 29th May » John Penry, Welsh martyr (b. 1559)
  • 30th May » Christopher Marlowe, English poet and playwright (b. 1564)
  • 25th June » Michele Mercati, Italian physician and archaeologist (b. 1541)
  • 7th July » Mohammed Bagayogo, Malian scholar and academic (b. 1523)
  • 11th July » Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian painter (b. 1527)

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