What Happened In History Year 1630

Historical Events for the Year 1630

  • 16th February » Dutch forces led by Hendrick Lonck capture Olinda in what was to become part of Dutch Brazil.
  • 22nd March » The Massachusetts Bay Colony outlaws the possession of cards, dice, and gaming tables.
  • 25th August » Portuguese forces are defeated by the Kingdom of Kandy at the Battle of Randeniwela in Sri Lanka.
  • 17th September » The city of Boston, Massachusetts is founded.

Famous Birthdays in 1630

  • 11th January » John Rogers (Harvard) e.g John Rogers, English-American academic (d. 1684)
  • 19th February » Shivaji, Indian emperor (d. 1680)
  • 21st April » Pieter Gerritsz van Roestraten, Dutch painter (d. 1700)
  • 28th April » Charles Cotton, English poet (d. 1687)
  • 14th May » Katakura Kagenaga (2nd) or Katakura Kagenaga, Japanese samurai (d. 1681)
  • 29th May » Charles II of England (d. 1685)
  • 1st August » Thomas Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, English politician, Lord High Treasurer (d. 1673)
  • 17th September » Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma (d. 1694)
  • 14th October » Sophia of Hanover (d. 1714)
  • 18th November » Eleonora Gonzaga (1630–1686) e.g Eleonora Gonzaga, Italian wife of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1686)
  • 24th November » Étienne Baluze, French scholar and academic (d. 1718)
  • 27th November » Sigismund Francis, Archduke of Austria (d. 1665)

Famous Deaths in History for 1630

  • 13th January » Yuan Chonghuan, Chinese general (b. 1584)
  • 26th January » Henry Briggs (mathematician) e.g Henry Briggs, English mathematician (b. 1556)
  • 12th February » Fynes Moryson, English explorer and author (b. 1566)
  • 26th February » William Brade, English violinist and composer (b. 1560)
  • 17th September » Thomas Lake, English politician, Secretary of State (England) called English Secretary of State (b. 1567)
  • 18th September » Melchior Klesl, Austrian cardinal (b. 1552)
  • 20th September » Claudio Saracini, Italian lute player and composer (b. 1586)
  • 25th September » Ambrogio Spinola, 1st Marquis of the Balbases, Italian general and politician, List of Governors of the Duchy of Milan e.g Governor of the Duchy of Milan (b. 1569)
  • 15th November » Johannes Kepler, German astronomer and mathematician (b. 1571)

Historical events for the year 1630 by month