What Happened In History Year 1653

Historical Events for the Year 1653

  • 3rd January » By the Coonan Cross Oath, the Eastern Christianity named Eastern Church in India cuts itself off from colonial Portugal called Portuguese tutelage.
  • 2nd February » New Amsterdam (later renamed New York City e.g The City of New York) is incorporated.
  • 20th April » Oliver Cromwell dissolves the Rump Parliament.
  • 12th June » First Anglo-Dutch War: the Battle of the Gabbard begins and lasts until June 13.

Famous Birthdays in 1653

  • 17th February » Arcangelo Corelli, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1713)
  • 2nd April » Prince George of Denmark (d. 1708)
  • 8th May » Claude Louis Hector de Villars, French general and politician, Minister of Defence (France) or Minister of Defence for France (d. 1734)
  • 21st May » Eleanor of Austria, Queen of Poland (d. 1697)
  • 30th May » Claudia Felicitas of Austria (d. 1676)
  • 1st June » Georg Muffat, French organist and composer (d. 1704)
  • 5th July » Thomas Pitt, English businessman and politician (d. 1726)
  • 11th July » Sarah Good, American woman accused of witchcraft (d. 1692)
  • 9th August » John Oldham (poet) named John Oldham, English poet and translator (d. 1683)
  • 14th August » Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle, English colonel and politician, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica (d. 1688)
  • 1st September » Johann Pachelbel, German organist, composer, and educator (d. 1706)
  • 18th October » Abraham van Riebeeck, South African-Dutch politician, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (d. 1713)

Famous Deaths in History for 1653

  • 24th March » Samuel Scheidt, German organist and composer (b. 1587)
  • 26th May » Robert Filmer, English theorist and author (b. 1588)
  • 10th July » Gabriel Naudé, French librarian and scholar (b. 1600)
  • 31st July » Thomas Dudley, English-American politician, 3rd Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony (b. 1576)
  • 10th August » Maarten Tromp, Dutch admiral (b. 1598)
  • 3rd September » Claudius Salmasius, French scholar and author (b. 1588)
  • 3rd October » Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn, Dutch scholar (b. 1612)
  • 7th October » Fausto Poli, Italian cardinal (b. 1581)

Historical events for the year 1653 by month