What Happened In History Year 1717

Historical Events for the Year 1717

  • 4th January » The Dutch Republic Netherlands, Kingdom of Great Britain Great Britain, and France sign the Triple Alliance (1717) Triple Alliance.
  • 2nd March » 'The Loves of Mars and Venus' is the first ballet performed in England.
  • 31st March » A sermon on "The Nature of the Kingdom of Christ" by Benjamin Hoadly, the Bishop of Bangor, provokes the Bangorian Controversy.
  • 24th June » The Premier Grand Lodge of England, the first Freemasonry e.g Masonic Grand Lodge in the world (now the United Grand Lodge of England), is founded in London, England.
  • 22nd August » Spanish troops land on Sardinia.

Famous Birthdays in 1717

  • 5th January » William Barrington, 2nd Viscount Barrington, English politician (d. 1793)
  • 28th January » Mustafa III, Ottoman sultan (d. 1774)
  • 29th January » Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst, English field marshal and politician, 19th List of Governors General of Canada or Governor General of Canada (d. 1797)
  • 2nd February » Ernst Gideon von Laudon, Austrian field marshal (d. 1790)
  • 19th February » David Garrick, English actor, playwright, and producer (d. 1779)
  • 9th April » Georg Matthias Monn, Austrian organist, composer, and educator (d. 1750)
  • 13th May » Maria Theresa, Austrian wife of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1780)
  • 8th June » John Collins (Continental Congress) named John Collins, American politician, 3rd Governor of Rhode Island (d. 1795)
  • 18th June » Johann Stamitz, Czech violinist and composer (d. 1757)
  • 20th June » Jacques Saly, French sculptor (d. 1776)
  • 27th June » Louis-Guillaume Le Monnier, French botanist and physicist (d. 1799)
  • 5th July » Peter III of Portugal (d. 1786)
  • 13th August » Louis Fran├žois, Prince of Conti (d. 1776)
  • 15th August » John Metcalf (civil engineer) named Blind Jack, English engineer (d. 1810)
  • 4th September » Job Orton, English minister (d. 1783)
  • 24th September » Horace Walpole, English historian, author, and politician (d. 1797)
  • 5th October » Marie Anne de Mailly, French mistress of Louis XV of France (d. 1744)
  • 9th December » Johann Joachim Winckelmann, German archaeologist and historian (d. 1768)
  • 16th December » Elizabeth Carter, English poet and scholar (d. 1806)
  • 20th December » Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, French politician and diplomat, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (France) or French Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 1787)
  • 25th December » Pope Pius VI (d. 1799)

Famous Deaths in History for 1717

  • 13th January » Maria Sibylla Merian, German entomologist and illustrator (b. 1647)
  • 3rd March » Pierre Allix, French pastor and author (b. 1641)
  • 8th March » Abraham Darby I, English blacksmith (b1678)
  • 19th March » John Campbell, 1st Earl of Breadalbane and Holland, Scottish soldier (b. 1636)
  • 3rd April » Jacques Ozanam, French mathematician (b. 1640)
  • 5th April » Jean Jouvenet, French painter (b. 1647)
  • 26th April » Samuel Bellamy, English pirate (b. 1689)
  • 10th May » John Hathorne, American merchant and politician (b. 1641)
  • 20th May » John Trevor (speaker) or John Trevor, English politician, 102nd Speaker of the House of Commons (United Kingdom) named Speaker of the House of Commons (b. 1637)
  • 9th June » Jeanne Guyon, French mystic (b. 1648)
  • 26th October » Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester (b. 1657)
  • 26th November » Daniel Purcell, English organist and composer (b. 1664)

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