What Happened In History Year 1720

Historical Events for the Year 1720

  • 21st January » Sweden and Kingdom of Prussia named Prussia sign the Treaty of Stockholm (Great Northern War) e.g Treaty of Stockholm.
  • 29th February » Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden abdicates in favour of her husband, who becomes King Frederick I of Sweden e.g Frederick I on 24 March.
  • 24th March » Count Frederick I of Sweden known as Frederick of Hesse-Kassel is elected King of Sweden by the Riksdag of the Estates, after his consort Ulrika Eleonora, Queen of Sweden called Ulrika Eleonora abdicated the throne on 29 February. She had been wanting to
  • 27th July » The Battle of Grengam marks the second important victory of the Russian Navy.
  • 14th August » The Spanish military Villasur expedition is wiped out by Pawnee people called Pawnee and Otoe tribe called Otoe warriors near present-day Columbus, Nebraska.
  • 20th October » Caribbean pirate Calico Jack is Capture of the William or captured by the Royal Navy.
  • 9th November » The synagogue of Judah he-Hasid (Jerusalem) called Yehudah he-Hasid is burned down by Arab creditors, leading to the expulsion of the Ashkenazi Jews or Ashkenazim from Jerusalem.

Famous Birthdays in 1720

  • 4th January » Johann Friedrich Agricola, German organist and composer (d. 1774)
  • 13th January » Richard Hurd (bishop) called Richard Hurd, English bishop (d. 1808)
  • 27th January » Samuel Foote, English playwright (d. 1777)
  • 30th January » Charles De Geer, Swedish entomologist (d. 1778)
  • 8th February » Emperor Sakuramachi of Japan (d. 1750)
  • 26th February » Gian Francesco Albani, Italian cardinal (d. 1803)
  • 9th March » Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke, English politician (d. 1790)
  • 13th March » Charles Bonnet, Swiss historian and author (d. 1793)
  • 22nd March » Nicolas-Henri Jardin, French architect, designed the Yellow Palace, Copenhagen e.g Yellow Palace and Bernstorff Palace (d. 1799)
  • 23rd April » Vilna Gaon, Lithuanian rabbi (d. 1797)
  • 8th May » William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1764)
  • 11th May » Baron Münchhausen, German captain (d. 1797)
  • 15th May » Maximilian Hell, Hungarian priest and astronomer (d. 1792)
  • 18th July » Gilbert White, English ornithologist and ecologist (d. 1793)
  • 8th August » Carl Fredrik Pechlin, Swedish general and politician (d. 1796)
  • 12th August » Konrad Ekhof, German actor (d. 1778)
  • 18th August » Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers, English politician (d. 1760)
  • 20th August » Bernard de Bury, French composer (d. 1785)
  • 3rd October » Johann Uz, German poet (d. 1796)
  • 4th October » Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Italian illustrator (d. 1778)
  • 8th October » Jonathan Mayhew, American minister (d. 1766)
  • 17th October » Maria Teresa Agnesi Pinottini, Italian composer (d. 1795)
  • 19th October » John Woolman, American-English preacher, journalist, and activist (d. 1772)
  • 1st November » Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte, French admiral (d. 1791)
  • 16th November » Carlo Antonio Campioni, Italian composer (d. 1788)
  • 13th December » Carlo Gozzi, Italian playwright (d. 1804)
  • 14th December » Justus Möser, German jurist and theorist (d. 1794)
  • 31st December » Charles Edward Stuart, Italian husband of Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern (d. 1788)

Famous Deaths in History for 1720

  • 31st January » Thomas Grey, 2nd Earl of Stamford, English politician (b. 1654)
  • 27th February » Samuel Parris, English-American minister (b. 1653)
  • 2nd April » Joseph Dudley, American politician, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay (b. 1647)
  • 21st April » Antoine Hamilton, Irish-French author (b. 1646)
  • 2nd June » Jeremiah Shepard, American minister (b. 1648)
  • 27th June » Guillaume Amfrye de Chaulieu, French poet (b. 1639)
  • 3rd August » Anthonie Heinsius, Dutch politician (b. 1641)
  • 9th August » Simon Ockley, English orientalist (b. 1678)
  • 17th August » Anne Dacier, French scholar and translator (b. 1654)
  • 3rd September » Henri de Massue, Earl of Galway, French soldier and diplomat (b. 1648)
  • 10th October » Antoine Coysevox, French sculptor (b. 1640)

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