What Happened In History Year 1739

Historical Events for the Year 1739

  • 1st January » Bouvet Island is discovered by French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier.
  • 13th February » Battle of Karnal: The army of History of Iran Before the First World War Iranian ruler Nadir Shah defeats the forces of the Mughal Empire Mughal emperor of History of India The Mughal era India, Muhammad Shah.
  • 23rd February » Richard Palmer is identified at York Castle, by his former schoolteacher, as the outlaw Dick Turpin.
  • 22nd March » Nadir Shah occupies Delhi in India and sacks the city, stealing the jewels of the Peacock Throne.
  • 18th September » The Treaty of Belgrade is signed, ceding Belgrade to the Ottoman Empire.
  • 3rd October » The Treaty of Niš (1739) named Treaty of Niš is signed by the Ottoman Empire and Russia at the end of the Russian–Turkish War, 1736–39.

Famous Birthdays in 1739

  • 19th January » Joseph Bonomi the Elder, Italian architect, designed Longford Hall and Barrells Hall (d. 1808)
  • 25th January » Charles François Dumouriez, French general (d. 1823)
  • 15th February » Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart, French architect, designed the Paris Bourse (d. 1813)
  • 5th March » Benjamin Ruggles Woodbridge, American physician and colonel (d. 1819)
  • 19th March » Charles-François Lebrun, duc de Plaisance, French politician (d. 1824)
  • 12th May » Johann Baptist Wanhal, Bohemian composer (d. 1813)
  • 2nd June » Jabez Bowen, American colonel and politician, 45th Deputy Governor of Rhode Island (d. 1815)
  • 26th July » George Clinton (vice president) e.g George Clinton, American general and politician, 4th Vice President of the United States (d. 1812)
  • 28th August » Agostino Accorimboni, Italian composer (d. 1818)
  • 17th September » John Rutledge, American judge and politician, 2nd Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1800)
  • 27th September » Francis Russell, Marquess of Tavistock, Irish politician (d. 1767)
  • 11th October » Grigory Potemkin, Russian general and politician (d. 1791)
  • 24th October » Duchess Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (d. 1807)
  • 2nd November » Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Austrian violinist and composer (d. 1799)
  • 5th November » Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton, Scottish composer and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire (d. 1819)

Famous Deaths in History for 1739

  • 7th April » Dick Turpin, English criminal (b. 1705)
  • 19th April » Nicholas Saunderson, English mathematician (b. 1682)
  • 24th July » Benedetto Marcello, Italian composer and educator (b. 1686)
  • 18th October » António José da Silva, Brazilian-Portuguese playwright (b. 1705)

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