What Happened On 13th August 1978 In History

August 13th (1978) was a Sunday. It's the 225th day of the year (226th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 140 days left to the end of the year.

Historical Events for 13th August, 1978

  • » One hundred fifty Palestinian people Palestinians in Beirut are Tel al-Zaatar massacre killed in a List of terrorist incidents terrorist attack during the Lebanese Civil War Second phase of the war, 1977-82 second phase of the Lebanese Civil War.

Famous Birthdays on August 13 in 1978

  • » Dwight Smith (American football) called Dwight Smith, American football player

August 13th Holidays in History

  • » Christian Calendar of saints known as Feast Day:
  • » Cassian of Imola
  • » Hippolytus of Rome
  • » Jakob Gapp
  • » John Berchmans
  • » Maximus the Confessor
  • » Pope Pontian
  • » Radegunde
  • » Florence Nightingale, Octavia Hill, Jeremy Taylor (Anglican Communion)
  • » Clara Maass (with Nightingale Lutheran Church)
  • » August 13 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • » Diana (mythology) known as Festival of Aventine Diana (Roman Empire)
  • » Temple of Hercules Victor e.g Hercules Victori (Roman Empire)
  • » Public holidays in the Central African Republic e.g Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Central African Republic from France in 1960.
  • » International Lefthanders Day (International observance or International)
  • » Lao Issara, Day of the Free Laos. (Laos)

Year 1978 historical events for the month of August

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World History for the 13th August