What Happened On 30th April 1980 In History

April 30th (1980) was a Wednesday. It's the 119th day of the year (120th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 246 days left to the end of the year.

Historical Events for 30th April, 1980

  • » Beatrix of the Netherlands or Beatrix becomes Queen of the Netherlands.
  • » The Iranian Embassy siege begins in London.

Famous Birthdays on April 30 in 1980

  • » Luis Scola, Argentinian basketball player
  • » Jeroen Verhoeven, Dutch footballer

April 30th Famous Deaths for 1980

  • » Luis Muñoz Marín, Puerto Rican journalist and politician, 1st Governor of Puerto Rico (b. 1898)

April 30th Holidays in History

  • » Armed Forces Day (Georgia (country) named Georgia)
  • » Flag days in Sweden called Birthday of the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden called Carl XVI Gustaf, one of the official flag days of Sweden.
  • » Battle of Camarón or Camarón Day (French Foreign Legion)
  • » Christian feast day:
  • » Adjutor
  • » Aimo
  • » Martyrs of Córdoba Amator, Peter and Louis called Amator, Peter and Louis
  • » Blessed Miles Gerard
  • » Eutropius of Saintes
  • » Marie Guyart (Anglican Church of Canada)
  • » Sarah Josepha Hale (Episcopal Church (USA))
  • » Maximus of Rome
  • » Pomponius of Naples
  • » Quirinus of Neuss
  • » Suitbert the Younger
  • » Saint Pope Pius V
  • » April 30 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • » Public holidays in Thailand named Consumer Protection Day (Thailand)
  • » Earliest day on which Ascension Day can fall, while June 3 is the latest; celebrated 40 days after Easter (Christianity), and its related observances:
  • » Day of Prayer Global Day of Prayer named Global Day of Prayer (Western Christianity)
  • » International Jazz Day (UNESCO)
  • » May Eve, the eve of the first day of summer in the Northern hemisphere '(see May 1)':
  • » Beltane Fire Festival (Calton Hill, Edinburgh)
  • » Carodejnice (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • » Beltane begins at sunset in the Northern hemisphere, Samhain begins at sunset in the Southern hemisphere. (Neo-Druidism named Neo-Druidic Wheel of the Year)
  • » Walpurgis Night (Central and Northern Europe)
  • » Persian Gulf naming dispute National Persian Gulf Day e.g National Persian Gulf Day (Iran)
  • » Reunification Day (Vietnam)

Year 1980 historical events for the month of April

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World History for the 30th April