Birthday Personality April 14th 2003 Star Sign

April 14th (2003) was a Monday. It's the 103rd day of the year (104th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 262 days left to the end of the year.

♈ Aries is the Zodiac Sign for April 14th


Birthday numerology calculation for people born on 14th April 2003

Astrological traits for life path nr 5

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
    Colors: White, Gray
    Gemstones: Diamond
    Qualities: Extroverted, Adventurous
  • Character and birthday personality attributes to this life path number:
    Progressive, pioneering, innovation, adventure, rebellion, opportunist.

Historical Events for 14th April, 2003

  • » The Human Genome Project is completed with 99% of the human genome sequenced to an accuracy of 99.99%.
  • » U.S. troops in Baghdad capture Abu Abbas, leader of the Palestinian people called Palestinian group that killed an American on the hijacked cruise liner the MS e.g Achille Lauro in 1985.

April 14th Famous Deaths for 2003

  • » Jyrki Otila, Finnish politician (b. 1941)

Birthday Astrology 14th April

Year 2003 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Birthstones. Month of April Astrology.

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♈ Aries Star Sign Traits April

  • Element: Fire.
  • Quality: Cardinal.
  • Planetary ruler: Mars.
  • Birthstone: Diamond.
  • Flower: Hawthorn.
  • Color: Scarlet.
  • Key characteristic: Leadership.
  • Strengths: Intelligent, assertive, adventurous.
  • Challenges: Trouble with sharing, too much ego, vindictive.