Chinese Zodiac Signs 1898 Astrology Horoscope

Year 1898 Chinese Zodiac Sign is Dog

  • Being born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign Dog people have the best traits in human nature. With deep sense of loyalty and honesty they inspire other people to be better. Your secrets will always be safe with a Dog sign. At the same time Dog zodiacs tend to be selfish, stubborn and eccentric. Moeny somhow come to them even though gaining wealth is not one of their priorities. Around big crowds Dogs can get emotionally cold and distant. Having a one on one is the best way to get Dog people to shine. Dogs can sometimes be too pessimistic in finding fault in many areas. They speak their minds with no regards to the consequences. Dog people make good leaders.
  • Astrology character and traits of Dog sign:
    Loyal, honest, trustworthy, faithful, ethical, sharp tongue, fault finder, selfish and stubborn.

1898 Zodiac Sign Dog Compatibility

  • Chinese Zodiac Signs are based upon a twelve year lunar cycle. Your zodiac animal sign is determined by your birthday year. If you were born in 1898 then your astrological sign is Dog. There are twelve animal signs. Each animal has it's own attributes and personality traits the Chinese believe comprise the nature of each particular animal.
  • Best matches for Zodiac Sign Dog are: Rabbit, Tiger, Horse, Pig
  • Bad matches for Zodiac Sign Dog are: Dragon, Ox

Historical Events for the Year 1898

  • 1st January Star Sign » New York, New York annexes land from surrounding counties, creating the City of Greater New York. The four initial boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx, are joined on January 25 by Staten Island to create the modern city of five boroughs.
  • 12th January Star Sign » Itō Hirobumi begins his third term as Prime Minister of Japan.
  • 15th February Star Sign » The battleship USS Maine ACR-1 6 explodes and sinks in Havana harbor in Cuba, killing 274. This event leads the United States to declare war on Spain.
  • 27th February Star Sign » King George I of Greece survives an assassination attempt.
  • 21st April Star Sign » Spanish–American War: The United States Navy begins a blockade of Cuban ports. When the United States Congress known as U.S. Congress issued a declaration of war on April 25, it declared that a state of war had existed from this date.
  • 22nd April Star Sign » Spanish–American War: The USS Nashville PG-7 6 captures a Spanish merchant ship.
  • 25th April Star Sign » Spanish–American War: The United States declares war on Spain.
  • 1st May Star Sign » Spanish–American War — Battle of Manila Bay: The United States Navy destroys the Spanish Pacific fleet in the first battle of the war.
  • 8th May Star Sign » The first games of the Italian football league system are played.
  • 10th June Star Sign » Spanish–American War: United States Marine Corps called U.S. Marines land on the island of Cuba.
  • 11th June Star Sign » Spanish–American War: U.S. war ships set sail for Cuba.
  • 13th June Star Sign » Yukon named Yukon Territory is formed, with Dawson, Yukon known as Dawson chosen as its capital.
  • 17th June Star Sign » The Hospital Corpsman called United States Navy Hospital Corps is established.
  • 21st June Star Sign » The United States Capture of Guam e.g captures Guam from Spain.
  • 22nd June Star Sign » Spanish–American War: United States Marines land in Cuba.
  • 27th June Star Sign » The first solo circumnavigation of the globe is completed by Joshua Slocum from Briar Island, Nova Scotia.
  • 1st July Star Sign » Spanish–American War: The Battle of San Juan Hill is fought in Santiago de Cuba.
  • 3rd July Star Sign » Spanish–American War: The Spanish fleet, led by Pascual Cervera y Topete, is destroyed by the U.S. Navy in Santiago de Cuba or Santiago, Cuba.
  • 7th July Star Sign » President of the United States or U.S. President William McKinley signs the Newlands Resolution annexing Hawaii as a territory of the United States.
  • 8th July Star Sign » The death of crime boss Soapy Smith, killed in the Shootout on Juneau Wharf, releases Skagway, Alaska from his iron grip.
  • 25th July Star Sign » After over two months of sea-based bombardment, the Puerto Rican Campaign called United States invasion of Puerto Rico begins with U.S. troops led by General Nelson A. Miles known as Nelson Miles landing at harbor of Guánica, Puerto Rico.
  • 11th August Star Sign » Spanish–American War: United States named American troops enter the city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
  • 12th August Star Sign » An Armistice ends the Spanish–American War.
  • 12th August » The Flag of Hawaii e.g Hawaiian flag is lowered from ʻIolani Palace in an elaborate annexation ceremony and replaced with the flag of the United States to signify the transfer of sovereignty from the Republic of Hawaii to the United States.
  • 13th August Star Sign » Spanish–American War: Spanish and American forces engaged in a Battle of Manila (1898) named mock battle for Manila, after which the Spanish commander surrendered in order to keep the city out of Filipino rebel hands.
  • 13th August » Carl Gustav Witt discovers 433 Eros, the first Near-Earth object Near-Earth asteroids e.g near-Earth asteroid to be found.
  • 23rd August Star Sign » The Southern Cross Expedition, the first British venture of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, departs from London.
  • 24th August Star Sign » Mikhail Nikolayevich Muravyov or Count Muravyov, Foreign Minister of Russia presents a 'rescript' that convoked the Hague Conventions (1899 and 1907) called First Hague Peace Conference.
  • 25th August Star Sign » Seven hundred Greek civilians, 17 British guards and the British Consul (representative) e.g Consul of Crete are killed by a Turkish mob in Heraklion, Greece.
  • 28th August Star Sign » Caleb Bradham invents the carbonated soft drink that will later be called "Pepsi-Cola".
  • 29th August Star Sign » The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company or Goodyear tire company is founded.
  • 2nd September Star Sign » Battle of Omdurman United Kingdom or British and Egyptian troops defeat Sudanese tribesmen and establish British dominance in Sudan.
  • 10th September Star Sign » Empress Elisabeth of Austria is assassinated by Luigi Lucheni.
  • 13th September Star Sign » Hannibal Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film.
  • 1st October Star Sign » The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration is founded under the name 'k.u.k. Exportakademie'.
  • 14th October Star Sign » The steamer ship SS Mohegan named SS 'Mohegan' sinks after impacting the Manacles near Cornwall, United Kingdom, killing 106.
  • 18th October Star Sign » The United States takes possession of Puerto Rico from Spain.
  • 2nd November Star Sign » Cheerleading is started at the University of Minnesota with Johnny Campbell leading the crowd in cheering on the American football named football team.
  • 3rd November Star Sign » France withdraws its troops from Kodok known as Fashoda (now in Sudan), ending the Fashoda Incident.
  • 10th November Star Sign » Beginning of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the only instance of a municipal government being overthrown in US history.
  • 3rd December Star Sign » The Duquesne Country and Athletic Club defeated 1898 Western Pennsylvania All-Star football team named an all-star collection of early football players 16-0, in what is considered to be the very first all-star game for professional American football.
  • 10th December Star Sign » Spanish–American War: The Treaty of Paris (1898) or Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the conflict.
  • 18th December Star Sign » Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat sets the first officially recognized land speed record of convert 39.245 mi/h km/h abbr=on in a Jeantaud electric car
  • 26th December Star Sign » Marie Curie called Marie and Pierre Curie announce the isolation of radium.

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