What Happened In History Year 1492

Historical Events for the Year 1492

  • 2nd January » Reconquista: the Emirate of Granada, the last Moors or Moorish stronghold in Spain, surrenders.
  • 6th January » Ferdinand and Isabella The Catholic Monarchs enter Granada, completing the Reconquista.
  • 16th January » The first grammar of the Spanish language is presented to Isabella I of Castile e.g Queen Isabella I.
  • 31st March » Isabella I of Castile known as Queen Isabella of Castille issues the Alhambra Decree, ordering her 150,000 Jewish and Muslim subjects to convert to Christianity or face expulsion.
  • 17th April » Spain and Christopher Columbus sign the Capitulations of Santa Fe for his voyage to Asia to acquire spices.
  • 30th April » Spain gives Christopher Columbus his commission of exploration.
  • 31st July » The Jews are expelled from Spain when the Alhambra Decree takes effect.
  • 3rd August » Christopher Columbus sets sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain.
  • 6th September » Christopher Columbus sails from La Gomera in the Canary Islands, his final port of call before crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.
  • 28th October » Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba on his first voyage to the New World. 1 john-xxiii-soviet-union-john-walker 'On Oct. 28, 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba on...', Chicago Tri
  • 3rd November » Peace of Etaples between Henry VII of England or Henry VII and Charles VIII of France e.g Charles VIII.
  • 7th November » The Ensisheim (meteorite) known as Ensisheim meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, strikes the earth around noon in a wheat field outside the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France.
  • 5th December » Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to set foot on the island of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic).
  • 25th December » Caravel 'Santa Maria (ship) or Santa Maria' captained by Christopher Columbus runs onto reefs off Haiti due to a proper watch not being kept. Local natives help to save food, armory and ammunition but not the ship.

Famous Birthdays in 1492

  • 4th March » Francesco de Layolle, Italian organist and composer (d. 1540)
  • 4th April » Ambrosius Blarer, German-Swiss theologian and reformer (d. 1564)
  • 11th April » Marguerite de Navarre, French wife of Henry II of Navarre (d. 1549)
  • 20th April » Pietro Aretino, Italian author, playwright, and poet (d. 1556)
  • 2nd July » Elizabeth Tudor (1492–1495) named Elizabeth Tudor, English daughter of Henry VII of England (d. 1495)

Famous Deaths in History for 1492

  • 25th July » Pope Innocent VIII (b. 1432)
  • 12th October » Piero della Francesca, Italian painter (b. 1415)
  • 25th October » Thaddeus McCarthy, Irish bishop (b. 1455)
  • 6th November » Antoine Busnois, French composer and poet (b. 1430)
  • 17th November » Jami, Persian poet and saint (b. 1414)

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