What Happened In History Year 1539

Historical Events for the Year 1539

  • 12th January » Treaty of Toledo signed by King Francis I of France and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor known as Charles V.
  • 14th January » Spain annexes Cuba.
  • 19th April » Charles V and Protestants signs Treaty of Frankfurt (1539) known as Treaty of Frankfurt.
  • 27th April » Re-founding of the city of Bogotá, New Kingdom of Granada e.g New Granada (now Colombia), by Nikolaus Federmann and Sebastián de Belalcázar.
  • 30th May » In Florida, Hernando de Soto lands at Tampa Bay with 600 soldiers with the goal of finding gold.
  • 3rd June » Hernando de Soto claims Florida for Spain.
  • 10th June » Council of Trent: Paul III sends out letters to his bishops, delaying the Council due to war and the difficulty bishops had traveling to Venice.
  • 6th October » Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto and his army enter the Apalachee capital of Anhaica (present-day Tallahassee, Florida) by force.

Famous Birthdays in 1539

  • 25th March » Christopher Clavius, German mathematician and astronomer (d. 1612)
  • 7th April » Tobias Stimmer, Swiss painter and illustrator (d. 1584)
  • 22nd May » Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Somerset (d. 1621)
  • 1st November » Pierre Pithou, French lawyer and scholar (d. 1596)
  • 5th December » Fausto Sozzini, Italian theologian (d. 1604)

Famous Deaths in History for 1539

  • 5th March » Nuno da Cunha, Portuguese admiral and politician, List of governors of Portuguese India called Governor of Portuguese India (b. 1487)
  • 17th April » George, Duke of Saxony (b. 1471)
  • 1st May » Isabella of Portugal (b. 1503)
  • 7th May » Ottaviano Petrucci, Italian printer (b. 1466)
  • 5th July » Anthony Maria Zaccaria, Italian saint (b. 1502)
  • 8th September » John Stokesley, English bishop (b. 1475)
  • 22nd September » Guru Nanak, Pakistani religious leader, founded Sikhism (b. 1469)
  • 20th December » Johannes Lupi, Flemish composer (b. 1506)

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