What Happened In History Year 1557

Historical Events for the Year 1557

  • 30th April » Mapuche leader Lautaro is killed by Spanish Empire e.g Spanish forces at the Battle of Mataquito in Chile.
  • 6th July » Philip II of Spain King Philip II of Spain, consort of Mary I of England Queen Mary I of England, sets out from Dover to war with France, which eventually resulted in the loss of the City of Calais, the last Countries of the United Kingdom English possess
  • 10th August » Battle of St. Quentin (1557) named Battle of St. Quentin: Spanish victory over the French in the Italian War of 1521–1526 e.g Habsburg-Valois Wars.
  • 9th October » Trujillo, Venezuela e.g Trujillo is founded in Venezuela.

Famous Birthdays in 1557

Famous Deaths in History for 1557

  • 2nd January » Pontormo, Italian painter (b. 1494)
  • 8th January » Albert Alcibiades, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (b. 1522)
  • 9th April » Mikael Agricola, Finnish clergyman and scholar (b. 1510)
  • 21st April » Petrus Apianus, German mathematician and astronomer (b. 1495)
  • 11th June » John III of Portugal (b. 1502)
  • 16th July » Anne of Cleves (b. 1515)
  • 1st August » Olaus Magnus, Swedish archbishop (b. 1490)
  • 1st September » Jacques Cartier, French navigator and explorer (b. 1491)
  • 13th September » John Cheke, English scholar and politician, Secretary of State (England) called Secretary of State for England (b. 1514)
  • 27th September » Emperor Go-Nara of Japan (b. 1497)
  • 25th October » William Cavendish (courtier) called William Cavendish, English courtier (b. 1505)
  • 13th December » Niccolò Fontana Tartaglia, Italian mathematician and engineer (b. 1499)

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