What Happened In History Year 1559

Historical Events for the Year 1559

  • 15th January » Elizabeth I of England Elizabeth I is crowned List of English monarchs Queen of England in Westminster Abbey, London London, England.
  • 3rd April » The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis treaty is signed, ending the Italian Wars.
  • 2nd May » John Knox returns from exile to Scotland to become the leader of the nascent Scottish Reformation.
  • 30th June » King Henry II of France is mortally wounded in a jousting match against Gabriel de Montgomery.
  • 22nd August » Bartolomé Carranza, Spain called Spanish archbishop, is arrested for Heresy in Christianity or heresy.

Famous Birthdays in 1559

  • 18th February » Isaac Casaubon, Swiss philologist and scholar (d. 1614)
  • 22nd July » Lawrence of Brindisi, Italian priest and saint (d. 1619)
  • 21st September » Cigoli, Italian painter and architect (d. 1613)
  • 13th November » Albert VII, Archduke of Austria (d. 1621)

Famous Deaths in History for 1559

  • 1st January » Christian III of Denmark (b. 1503)
  • 25th January » Christian II of Denmark (b. 1481)
  • 16th March » Anthony St Leger (Lord Deputy of Ireland) or Anthony St. Leger, English-Irish politician Lord Deputy of Ireland (b. 1496)
  • 23rd March » Gelawdewos, Ethiopian emperor (b. 1521)
  • 30th March » Adam Ries, German mathematician (b. 1492)
  • 10th July » Henry II of France (b. 1519)
  • 18th August » Pope Paul IV (b. 1476)
  • 7th September » Robert Estienne, English-French printer and scholar (b. 1503)
  • 10th September » Anthony Denny, English politician (b. 1501)
  • 2nd October » Jacquet of Mantua, French-Italian composer (b. 1483)
  • 18th November » Cuthbert Tunstall, English bishop (b. 1474)

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