What Happened In History Year 1603

Historical Events for the Year 1603

  • 24th March » James I of England known as James VI of Scotland also becomes James I of England, upon the death of Elizabeth I of England or Elizabeth I.
  • 24th March » Tokugawa Ieyasu is granted the title of shogun from Emperor Go-Yozei, and establishes the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo, Japan.
  • 25th July » James VI and I James VI of Scotland is crowned List of English monarchs king of England (James I of England), bringing the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland into personal union. Political union would Acts of Union 1707 occur in 1707.
  • 17th November » English exploration e.g explorer, writer and courtier Sir Walter Raleigh goes on trial for treason.

Famous Birthdays in 1603

  • 27th January » Sir Harbottle Grimston, 2nd Baronet, English lawyer and politician (d. 1685)
  • 18th March » Simon Bradstreet, English-American businessman and politician, 20th Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (d. 1693)
  • 19th March » John IV of Portugal (d. 1656)
  • 19th April » Michel Le Tellier, French politician, Minister of Defence (France) named French Minister of Defence (d. 1685)
  • 17th June » Joseph of Cupertino, Italian mystic and saint (d. 1663)
  • 11th July » Kenelm Digby, English courtier and diplomat (d. 1665)
  • 9th August » Johannes Cocceius, German-Dutch theologian and academic (d. 1669)
  • 16th November » Augustyn Kordecki, Polish prior (d. 1673)
  • 21st December » Roger Williams (theologian) named Roger Williams, English-American minister, theologian, and politician, 9th List of colonial governors of Rhode Island e.g President of the Colony of Rhode Island (d. 1684)

Famous Deaths in History for 1603

  • 7th February » Hermann Wilken, German mathematician (b. 1522)
  • 23rd February » Andrea Cesalpino, Italian philosopher, physician, and botanist (b. 1519)
  • 24th March » Elizabeth I of England (b. 1533)
  • 25th March » Ikoma Chikamasa, Japanese daimyo (b. 1526)
  • 27th June » Jan Dymitr Solikowski, Polish archbishop (b. 1539)
  • 4th July » Philippe de Monte, Flemish composer (b. 1521)
  • 10th July » Joan Terès i Borrull, Spanish archbishop (b. 1538)
  • 9th September » George Carey, 2nd Baron Hunsdon, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire (b. 1547)
  • 9th December » William Watson (priest) or William Watson, English priest and conspirator (b. 1559)
  • 22nd December » Mehmed III, Ottoman sultan (b. 1566)
  • 27th December » Thomas Cartwright (theologian) or Thomas Cartwright, English clergyman and theologian (b. 1535)

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