What Happened On 7th August 1933 In History

August 7th (1933) was a Monday. It's the 219th day of the year (220th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 146 days left to the end of the year.

Historical Events for 7th August, 1933

  • » The Simele massacre: The Politics of Iraq Iraqi government Simele massacre slaughters over 3,000 Assyrian people Assyrians in the village of Simele. The day becomes known as Assyrian Martyrs Day.

Famous Birthdays on August 7 in 1933

  • » Eddie Firmani, South African footballer and manager
  • » Elinor Ostrom, American economist and academic, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences or Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2012)
  • » Jerry Pournelle, American author and journalist

August 7th Holidays in History

  • » Assyrian culture Premta d-Simele.3B Martyr.27s Day or Assyrian Martyrs Day (Assyrian people e.g Assyrian community)
  • » Battle of Boyacá Day (Colombia)
  • » Christian Calendar of saints or Feast Day:
  • » Albert of Trapani
  • » Saint Cajetan or Cajetan of Thienna
  • » Carpophorus, Exanthus, Cassius, Severinus, Secundus, and Licinius e.g Carpophorus
  • » Dometius of Persia
  • » Donatus of Arezzo
  • » John Mason Neale and Catherine Winkworth (Episcopal Church (USA))
  • » Nantovinus
  • » Pope Sixtus II
  • » August 7 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • » Public holidays in Saint Kitts and Nevis or Emancipation Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis)

Year 1933 historical events for the month of August

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World History for the 7th August