What Happened On 2nd January 1980 In History

January 2nd (1980) was a Wednesday. It's the 1st day of the year (2nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 364 days left to the end of the year.

Famous Birthdays on January 2 in 1980

  • » Annie Bellemare, Canadian figure skater
  • » Mac Danzig, American mixed martial artist
  • » Georgios Dedas, Greek basketball player
  • » Melvin Holwijn, Dutch footballer
  • » Jérôme Pineau, French cyclist

January 2nd Holidays in History

  • » Public holidays in Haiti known as Ancestry Day (Haiti)
  • » Carnival named Carnival Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
  • » Christian Calendar of saints called Feast Day:
  • » Basil of Caesarea named Basil the Great (Catholic Church and Church of England)
  • » Defendens called Defendens of Thebes
  • » Gregory of Nazianzus (Catholic Church)
  • » Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe (Lutheran Church)
  • » Macarius of Alexandria
  • » Seraphim of Sarov (repose)
  • » Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah (Episcopal Church (United States) named Episcopal Church)
  • » January 2 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • » The first day of the Riosucio, Caldas Carnival of Riosucio called Carnival of Riosucio, celebrated until January 8 every 2 years. (Riosucio, Caldas or Riosucio)
  • » The ninth Twelve Days of Christmas e.g day of Christmas (Western Christianity)
  • » The second day of New Year (a holiday in Kazakhstan, Republic of Macedonia Macedonia, Culture of Mauritius Mauritius, Montenegro, Public holidays in New Zealand New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine):
  • » Public and Bank holidays in Scotland e.g Bank Holiday, if it is a Sunday, the day moves to January 3 (Scotland)
  • » Kaapse Klopse (Cape Town)

Year 1980 historical events for the month of January

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World History for the 2nd January