Birthday Personality August 19th 1960 Star Sign

August 19th (1960) was a Friday. It's the 231st day of the year (232nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 134 days left to the end of the year.

♌ Leo is the Zodiac Sign for August 19th


Birthday numerology calculation for people born on 19th August 1960

Astrological traits for life path nr 7

  • Ruling Planet: Neptune
    Colors: Green
    Gemstones: Moonstone
    Qualities: Philosophical, Spiritual
  • Character and birthday personality attributes to this life path number:
    Intelligence, intuition, spirituality, analytical, solitary, secretive.

Historical Events for 19th August, 1960

  • » Cold War: In Moscow, Russia, Soviet Union, downed American Lockheed U-2 known as U-2 aviator e.g pilot Francis Gary Powers is sentenced to ten years imprisonment by the Soviet Union for espionage.
  • » List of spacecraft called Sputnik Sputnik program: 'Korabl-Sputnik 2': The Soviet Union launches the satellite with the dogs Soviet space dogs Belka and Strelka Belka and Strelka, 40 mouse mice, two rats and a variety of plants.

Famous Birthdays on August 19 in 1960

  • » Morten Andersen, American football player
  • » Ron Darling, American baseball player and sportscaster

Birthday Astrology 19th August

Year 1960 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Birthstones. Month of August Astrology.

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♌ Leo Star Sign Traits August

  • Element: Fire.
  • Quality: Fixed.
  • Planetary ruler: Sun.
  • Birthstone: Ruby.
  • Flower: Sunflower.
  • Color: Gold.
  • Key characteristic: Creativity.
  • Strengths: Courage, integrity, confidence.
  • Challenges: Egotism, selfishness, dominating to others.