What Happened In History Year 1783

Historical Events for the Year 1783

  • 20th January » The Kingdom of Great Britain signs a peace treaty with France and Spain, officially ending hostilities in the American Revolutionary War (also known as the American War of Independence).
  • 3rd February » American Revolutionary War: Spain recognizes United States independence.
  • 5th February » In Calabria a 1783 Calabrian earthquakes called sequence of strong earthquakes begins.
  • 7th February » American Revolutionary War: French and Spanish forces lift the Great Siege of Gibraltar.
  • 15th April » Preliminary articles of peace ending the American Revolutionary War (or American War of Independence) are ratified.
  • 18th May » First United Empire Loyalists reach Parrtown (later called Saint John, New Brunswick known as Saint John), New Brunswick, Canada after leaving the United States.
  • 26th May » A Great Jubilee Day held at Trumbull, Connecticut named North Stratford, Connecticut, celebrated end of fighting in American Revolution.
  • 4th June » The Montgolfier brothers publicly demonstrate their 'montgolfière' (hot air balloon).
  • 8th June » Laki, a volcano in Iceland, begins an eight-month eruption which kills over 9,000 people and starts a seven-year famine.
  • 22nd June » A poisonous cloud caused by the Types of volcanic eruption e.g eruption of the Laki volcano in Iceland reaches Le Havre in France.
  • 24th July » The Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti named Kingdom of Georgia and the Russian Empire sign the Treaty of Georgievsk.
  • 4th August » Mount Asama erupts in Japan, killing about 1,400 people. The eruption causes a famine, which results in an additional 20,000 deaths.
  • 18th August » A 1783 Great Meteor e.g huge fireball meteor is seen across Great Britain as it passes over the east coast.
  • 3rd September » American Revolutionary War: The war ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris (1783) called Treaty of Paris by the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • 3rd November » The American Continental Army is disbanded.
  • 25th November » American Revolutionary War: The last British troops Evacuation Day (New York) named leave New York City three months after the signing of the Treaty of Paris (1783) named Treaty of Paris.
  • 29th November » A 1783 New Jersey earthquake called 5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes New Jersey.
  • 23rd December » George Washington resigns as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland.

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