What Happened On 1st April 1873 In History

April 1st (1873) was a Tuesday. It's the 90th day of the year (91st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 275 days left to the end of the year.

Historical Events for 1st April, 1873

  • » The White Star Line called White Star steamer RMS known as Atlantic sinks off Nova Scotia, killing 547 in the worst marine disaster of the 19th century.

Famous Birthdays on April 1 in 1873

  • » Sergei Rachmaninoff, Russian pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1943)

April 1st Holidays in History

  • » Christian Feast Day:
  • » Cellach of Armagh
  • » Saint Hugh of Grenoble or Hugh of Grenoble
  • » Frederick Denison Maurice (Episcopal Church (USA))
  • » Melito of Sardis
  • » Tewdrig
  • » Theodora (Roman martyr) named Theodora
  • » Walric, abbot of Leuconay
  • » April 1 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • » Public holidays in Thailand or Civil Service Day (Thailand)
  • » Earliest day on which Sizdah Be-dar can fall, while April 2 is the latest; celebrated on the 13th day after vernal equinox. (Iran)
  • » Edible Book Festival known as Edible Book Day
  • » Fossil Fools Day
  • » Kha b-Nisan, the Assyrian New Year (Assyrian people called Assyrians)
  • » National Day called Islamic Republic Day (Iran)
  • » Odisha Day (Odisha, India)
  • » The start of Gion called Miyako Odori, an annual geiko dance celebration. (Gion e.g Gion District, Kyoto, Japan)
  • » Užupis Day, celebrate the independence of Užupis.

Year 1873 historical events for the month of April

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World History for the 1st April