What Happened On 15th January 1985 In History

January 15th (1985) was a Tuesday. It's the 14th day of the year (15th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 351 days left to the end of the year.

Famous Birthdays on January 15 in 1985

  • » RenĂ© Adler, German footballer
  • » Enrico Patrizio, Italian rugby player
  • » Kenneth Emil Petersen, Danish footballer

January 15th Holidays in History

  • » Armed Forces Day Nigeria named Armed Forces Day (Nigeria)
  • » Armed Forces Day India named Army Day (India)
  • » Christian Feast Day:
  • » Abeluzius (Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church)
  • » Arnold Janssen
  • » Saint Ita or Ita
  • » Macarius of Egypt (Western Christianity)
  • » Paul of Thebes named Paul the Hermit
  • » January 15 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • » Earliest day on which International Fetish Day can fall, while January 21 is the latest; celebrated on the third Friday in January.
  • » Earliest day on which Martin Luther King, Jr. Day can fall, while January 21 is the latest; celebrated on the third Monday in January. (United States)
  • » John Chilembwe Day (Malawi)
  • » Hangul Day named Korean Alphabet Day (North Korea)
  • » One of the two Carmentalia, in honor of Carmenta. (Roman Empire)
  • » The second day of the sidereal winter solstice festivals in India '(see January 14)':
  • » Pongal Maattu Pongal named Maatu Pongal, celebrated by performing Jallikattu (Tamil language or Tamil)

Year 1985 historical events for the month of January

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World History for the 15th January