What Happened In August 1858 In History

Historical Events for August, 1858

  • 5th » Cyrus West Field and others complete the first transatlantic telegraph cable after several unsuccessful attempts. It will operate for less than a month.
  • 7th » The first Australian rules football match is played between Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College.
  • 11th » The Eiger in the Bernese Alps is ascended for the first time by Charles Barrington (mountaineer) named Charles Barrington accompanied by Christian Almer and Peter Bohren.
  • 16th » U.S. President James Buchanan inaugurates the new transatlantic telegraph cable by exchanging greetings with Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. However, a weak signal forces a shutdown of the service in a few weeks.
  • 24th » In Richmond, Virginia, 90 blacks are arrested for learning. - needs to be explained/expanded-->

Famous Birthdays on August in 1858

  • 1st » Gaston Doumergue, French politician, 13th President of France (d. 1937)
  • 1st » Hans Rott, Austrian organist and composer (d. 1884)
  • 2nd » Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont (d. 1934)
  • 11th » Christiaan Eijkman, Dutch physician and academic, Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine named Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1930)
  • 15th » E. Nesbit, English author and poet (d. 1924)
  • 16th » Arthur Achleitner, German author (d. 1927)
  • 21st » Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria (d. 1889)
  • 27th » Giuseppe Peano, Italian mathematician and philosopher (d. 1932)

Famous Deaths for August 1858

  • 23rd » Antal Reguly, Hungarian linguist and ethnographer (b. 1819)

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