Birthday Personality September 30th 1965 Star Sign

September 30th (1965) was a Thursday. It's the 272nd day of the year (273rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 93 days left to the end of the year.

♎ Libra is the Zodiac Sign for September 30th


Birthday numerology calculation for people born on 30th September 1965

Astrological traits for life path nr 6

  • Ruling Planet: Venus
    Colors: Blue
    Gemstones: Emerald
    Qualities: Romantic, Nurturing
  • Character and birthday personality attributes to this life path number:
    Harmony, compassion, service, nurturing, self-righteous, chronic worrier.

Historical Events for 30th September, 1965

  • » The Lockheed L-100, the civilian version of the C-130 Hercules, is introduced.
  • » The 30 September Movement attempts a 'coup' against the Indonesian government, which is crushed by the military under Suharto and leads to Indonesian killings of 1965–66 or a mass anti-communist purge, with over 500,000 people killed.

Famous Birthdays on September 30 in 1965

  • » Omid Djalili, English comedian, actor, and producer
  • » Matt Fallon, American singer-songwriter (Skid Row (American band) e.g Skid Row and Anthrax (American band) known as Anthrax)
  • » Kathleen Madigan, American comedian, actress, and producer

Birthday Astrology 30th September

Year 1965 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Birthstones. Month of September Astrology.

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♎ Libra Star Sign Traits September

  • Element: Air.
  • Quality: Cardinal.
  • Planetary ruler: Venus.
  • Birthstone: Opal.
  • Flower: Pink rose.
  • Color: Pale pink.
  • Key characteristic: Harmony.
  • Strengths: Diplomacy, charm, love of beauty.
  • Challenges: Indecision, narcissism, superficiality.