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February Birthstones Astrology

  • The February Birthstone is the Amethyst. It symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity. At one point in time, only royalty could wear the gem. Amethyst is said to be associated with good luck, humor, and health. Amethyst is called the traditional birthstone of February. Onyx is considered the secondary birthstone of February.

February Zodiac Signs

  • Month of February Zodiac Signs are Aquarius(until February 18) and Pisces(February 19 onwards).
  • Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) People born under this sign can sometimes leave an impression of being simple minded. However this is actually one of their positive qualities. This quality can result in being honest, loyal and dependable. Some other great attributes of the Aquarius are smarts and a drive towards independence.
    Aquarius are compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius and other Aquarius.
  • Pisces (February 20 - March 20) Pisces and Aquarius have some common qualities. Both tend to be honest and like to be low key in social situations. Neither likes to draw attention to themselves. People who are born under the sign of Pisces tend to be generous and passionate towards other people and their own goals.
    Pisces are compatible with: Aries, Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

February Birth Flowers

  • Month of February is associated with St. Valentine's Day and red roses. However, the flower for the month is Violet. The flower symbolises faithfulness, humility and chastity. Gifting violets in the Victorian era conveyed the message: I'll always be true. The birth flower is found in shades of blue, mauve as well as yellow and cream.
  • Faithfulness, Wisdom and Hope. Violets convey the meaning that you will always be true. February Birth Flower Violet comes in shades not only of Purple, which is what people commonly think of, but also of White.

Historical Events for February, 1965

  • 1st » The Hamilton River in Labrador, Canada is renamed the Churchill River (Atlantic) named Churchill River in honour of Winston Churchill.
  • 8th » Eastern Air Lines Flight 663 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and explodes, killing everyone aboard.
  • 9th » Vietnam War: The first United States troops with a combat mission, a Marine Corps Hawk air defense missile battalion, are sent to South Vietnam.
  • 15th » A new red-and-white maple leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.
  • 17th » Ranger program e.g Project Ranger: The Ranger 8 probe launches on its mission to photograph the 'Mare Tranquillitatis' region of the Moon in preparation for the manned Apollo program named Apollo missions. 'Mare Tranquillitatis' or the "Sea of Tranquility
  • 18th » The Gambia becomes independent from the United Kingdom.
  • 19th » Colonel Phạm Ngọc Thảo of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and a communist spy of the North Vietnamese Viet Minh, along with Generals Lâm Văn Phát and Trần Thiện Khiêm 1965 South Vietnamese coup or attempted a coup against the military Military dictat
  • 20th » Ranger 8 crashes into the moon after a successful mission of photographing possible landing sites for the Apollo program astronauts.
  • 21st » Malcolm X is assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City by members of the Nation of Islam.

Famous Birthdays on February in 1965

  • 1st » Sherilyn Fenn, American actress
  • 1st » Brandon Lee, American actor and martial artist (d. 1993)
  • 1st » Princess Stéphanie of Monaco
  • 2nd » Carl Airey, English footballer
  • 2nd » Naoki Sano, Japanese wrestler and mixed martial artist
  • 3rd » Kathleen Kinmont, American actress
  • 3rd » Karlous Marx Shinohamba, Namibian politician
  • 3rd » Maura Tierney, American actress
  • 4th » Jerome Brown, American football player (d. 1992)
  • 5th » Tarik Benhabiles, Algerian-French tennis player
  • 5th » Gheorghe Hagi, Romanian footballer
  • 5th » Keith Moseley, American bass player and songwriter (The String Cheese Incident)
  • 5th » Svetlana Paramygina, Belarusian biathlete
  • 5th » Andreas Vogler (footballer) named Andreas Vogler, German footballer
  • 6th » Jan Svěrák, Czech director
  • 7th » Jason Gedrick, American actor
  • 7th » Chris Rock, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
  • 7th » Petr Váša, Czech singer-songwriter, actor, and poet
  • 8th » Dicky Cheung, Hong Kong actor and singer (Big Four (band) called Big Four)
  • 8th » Miguel Pardeza, Spanish footballer
  • 9th » Dieter Baumann, German runner
  • 9th » Darren Dalton, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
  • 9th » Igor Malkov, Russian speed skater
  • 9th » Julie Warner, American actress
  • 10th » Mario Jean, Canadian comedian and actor
  • 11th » Vicki Wilson, Australian netball player
  • 12th » Rubén Amaro, Jr., American baseball player
  • 12th » Christine Elise, American actress
  • 12th » John Michael Higgins, American actor
  • 12th » David Westlake, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Servants)
  • 15th » Bruce Bell, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 16th » Dave Lombardo, Cuban-American drummer (Slayer, Grip Inc., Fantômas (band) e.g Fantômas, Voodoocult, and Testament (band) known as Testament)
  • 17th » Michael Bay, American director and producer
  • 17th » Samuel Bayer, American director and cinematographer
  • 18th » Gregory Scott Johnson, American murderer (d. 2005)
  • 19th » Leroy (musician) or Leroy, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Smash Mouth)
  • 19th » Jon Fishman, American drummer (Phish, Pork Tornado, and Surrender to the Air)
  • 19th » Andy Jameson, English swimmer and sportscaster
  • 20th » Ron Eldard, American actor
  • 20th » Philip Hensher, English journalist, author, and critic
  • 22nd » Chris Dudley, American basketball player
  • 22nd » Kieren Fallon, Irish jockey
  • 22nd » Dean Karr, American director and photographer
  • 22nd » Pat LaFontaine, American ice hockey player
  • 23rd » Michael Dell, American businessman, founded Dell
  • 23rd » Sylvie Guillem, French ballet dancer
  • 23rd » Ashok Kamte, Indian police officer (d. 2008)
  • 23rd » Helena Suková, Czech tennis player
  • 24th » Kristin Davis, American actress
  • 24th » Lloyd McGrath, English footballer
  • 24th » Jane Swift, American politician, 69th Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts
  • 25th » Brian Baker (musician) e.g Brian Baker, American guitarist and songwriter (Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Junkyard (band) named Junkyard, and Dag Nasty)
  • 25th » Maricel Soriano, Filipino actress
  • 25th » Carrot Top, American comedian and actor
  • 25th » Veronica Webb, American model and actress
  • 26th » James Mitchell (manager) called James Mitchell, American wrestling manager
  • 27th » Noah Emmerich, American actor
  • 27th » Frank Peter Zimmermann, German violinist
  • 27th » Joey Calderazzo, American pianist
  • 27th » Pedro Chaves, Portuguese race car driver
  • 28th » Park Gok-ji, South Korean film editor
  • 28th » Colum McCann, Irish author
  • 28th » Norman Smiley, English-American wrestler

Famous Deaths for February 1965

  • 7th » Perikles Ioannidis, Greek admiral (b. 1881)
  • 8th » Wayne Estes, American basketball player (b. 1943)
  • 9th » Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah, Bangladeshi theologian and educator (b. 1874)
  • 15th » Nat King Cole, American singer and pianist (b. 1919)
  • 21st » Malcolm X, American minister and activist (b. 1925)
  • 22nd » Felix Frankfurter, American jurist (b. 1882)
  • 23rd » Stan Laurel, English actor and director (b. 1890)

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