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January Birthstones Astrology

  • The January Birthstone is the Garnet Garnets have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives. The word garnet comes from 14th century Middle English word gernet meaning dark red. Garnet is said to be symbolic of desire and represents constancy.
  • Garnet is called the traditional birthstone of January. Emerald is listed as the mystical birthstone. Rose quartz is considered the secondary birthstone of January.

January Zodiac Signs

  • Month of January Zodiac Signs are Capricorn(until January 19) and Aquarius(January 20 onwards).
  • Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) When you were born as a Capricorn then you are considered to be quite intelligent. Capricorns are known to be very patient and will go to great lengths as to achieve perspnal goals. This is why Capricorns are usually well suited to handling business problems.
    Capricorns are compatible with: Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Cancer and Taurus.
  • Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) People born under this sign can sometimes leave an impression of being simple minded. However this is actually one of their positive qualities. This quality can result in being honest, loyal and dependable. Some other great attributes of the Aquarius are smarts and a drive towards independence.
    Aquarius are compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius and other Aquarius.

January Birth Flowers

  • Although January is a cold and gloomy season seems like an unlikely time for flowers to bloom, but nature has designed birth flowers which love the extreme weather. The flower associated with the month of January is Carnation and is said to symbolise love, fascination and distinction. Carnation, which is also commonly called Gillyflower, is found in a number of colors from pink to purple-red.
  • Love, Pride, Beauty, Purity, Distinction, Fascination, and Loyal. January Birth Flower Carnation comes in every shade on the colour wheel. They are one of the most delicate and beautiful blooms that are long lasting. Each colour of Carnations can symbolize a sentiment or emotion. Pink Carnation means affection, while a Red Carnation means Love and Affection. White carnations mean good luck whereas Yellow Carnation denotes disappointment or exclusion.

Historical Events for January, 1965

  • 4th » President of the United States called United States President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaims his "Great Society" during his State of the Union address.
  • 9th » The Mirzapur Cadet College formally opens for academic activities in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).
  • 26th » Hindi becomes the official language of India.
  • 28th » The current design of the Flag of Canada is chosen by an act of Parliament of Canada named Parliament.

Famous Birthdays on January in 1965

  • 1st » John Sullivan (Oklahoma) or John Sullivan, American politician
  • 1st » Andrew Valmon, American runner
  • 2nd » Greg Swindell, American baseball player
  • 4th » Yvan Attal, French actor and director
  • 4th » Guy Forget, French tennis player
  • 4th » Beth Gibbons, English singer-songwriter (Portishead (band) known as Portishead)
  • 4th » Rick Hearst, American actor
  • 4th » Craig Revel Horwood, Australian-English dancer, choreographer, and director
  • 4th » Julia Ormond, English actress
  • 4th » Rob Wilson, English politician
  • 5th » Vinnie Jones, English footballer and actor
  • 6th » Muhammed al-Ahari, American educator, author, and scholar
  • 6th » Bjørn Lomborg, Danish author and academic
  • 7th » Five for Fighting, American singer-songwriter
  • 8th » Michelle Forbes, American actress
  • 8th » Maria Pitillo, American actress
  • 9th » Haddaway, Trinidadian-German singer
  • 9th » Darren Bennett (football player) or Darren Bennett, Australian-American football player
  • 9th » Muggsy Bogues, American basketball player
  • 9th » Iain Dowie, English-Irish footballer and manager
  • 9th » Eric Erlandson, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Hole (band) e.g Hole, RRIICCEE, and Rodney & the Tube Tops)
  • 9th » Farah Khan, Indian actress, director, and choreographer
  • 9th » Andrei Nazarov (athlete) or Andrei Nazarov, Estonian decathlete and coach
  • 9th » Joely Richardson, English actress
  • 10th » Wally Bell, American baseball umpire (d. 2013)
  • 10th » Butch Hartman, American animator, voice actor, and singer
  • 11th » Mascarita Sagrada, Mexican wrestler
  • 11th » Roland Scholten, Dutch darts Player
  • 11th » Aleksey Zhukov, Russian footballer and coach
  • 12th » Alexandra Wentworth, American actress and producer
  • 12th » Rob Zombie, American singer-songwriter, producer, actor, and director (White Zombie (band) called White Zombie)
  • 14th » Shamil Basayev, Chechen rebel (d. 2006)
  • 14th » Marc Delissen, Dutch field hockey player
  • 14th » Bob Essensa, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 14th » Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, English chef and critic
  • 14th » Ellis Paul, American singer-songwriter
  • 14th » Slick Rick, British-American rapper
  • 15th » Maurizio Fondriest, Italian cyclist
  • 15th » Bernard Hopkins, American boxer
  • 15th » Adam Jones (musician) Adam Jones, American guitarist and songwriter (Tool (band) Tool and Electric Sheep (band) Electric Sheep)
  • 15th » James Nesbitt, Irish actor
  • 16th » Maxine Jones, American singer (En Vogue)
  • 16th » Jill Sobule, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • 17th » Nikos Nioplias, Greek footballer
  • 17th » Sylvain Turgeon, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 20th » Colin Calderwood, Scottish footballer
  • 20th » Warren Joyce, English footballer
  • 20th » Greg Kriesel, American bass player (The Offspring)
  • 20th » John Michael Montgomery, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • 20th » Heather Small, English singer-songwriter and actress (Hot House (British band) called Hot House and M People)
  • 20th » Sophie, Countess of Wessex
  • 20th » Anton Weissenbacher, Romanian footballer
  • 21st » Jam Master Jay, American rapper and DJ (Run–D.M.C.) (d. 2002)
  • 22nd » DJ Jazzy Jeff, American DJ, producer, and actor (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)
  • 22nd » Diane Lane, American actress
  • 22nd » Brian McCardie, Scottish actor
  • 22nd » Andrew Roachford, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Mike + The Mechanics)
  • 22nd » Chintara Sukapatana, Thai actress
  • 23rd » Thomas Adler, German footballer
  • 23rd » Louie Clemente, American drummer (Testament (band) e.g Testament)
  • 24th » Mike Awesome, American wrestler (d. 2007)
  • 24th » Pagonis Vakalopoulos, Greek footballer
  • 25th » Mark Jordon, English actor, director, and producer
  • 25th » Esa Tikkanen, Finnish ice hockey player
  • 26th » Thomas Östros, Swedish politician
  • 26th » Natalia Yurchenko, Russian gymnast
  • 27th » Alan Cumming, Scottish-American actor, singer, director, and producer
  • 27th » Mike Newell (footballer) called Mike Newell, English footballer and manager
  • 27th » Ignacio Noé, Argentinian illustrator
  • 28th » Lynda Boyd, Canadian actress
  • 29th » Dominik Hašek, Czech ice hockey player
  • 29th » Peter Lundgren, Swedish tennis player and coach
  • 30th » Julie McCullough, American model and actress
  • 31st » Giorgos Gasparis, Greek basketball player and coach

Famous Deaths for January 1965

  • 1st » Emma Asson, Estonian politician (b. 1889)
  • 4th » T. S. Eliot, American-English poet, playwright, and critic Nobel Prize in Literature known as Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1888)
  • 10th » Frederick Fleet, English crewman on the RMS Titanic (b. 1887)
  • 12th » Lorraine Hansberry, American author, playwright, and director (b. 1936)
  • 14th » Jeanette MacDonald, American actress and singer (b. 1903)
  • 19th » Arnold Luhaäär, Estonian weightlifter (b. 1905)
  • 20th » Alan Freed, American radio host (b. 1922)
  • 21st » Gwynne Evans, American swimmer and water polo player (b. 1880)
  • 24th » Winston Churchill, English colonel and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nobel Prize in Literature named Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1874)
  • 28th » Tich Freeman, English cricketer (b. 1888)
  • 28th » Maxime Weygand, Belgian-French general (b. 1867)

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