What Happened In March 1776 In History

Historical Events for March, 1776

  • 2nd » American Revolutionary War: Patriot (American Revolution) Patriot militia units arrest the Royal Governor of Province of Georgia Georgia James Wright (governor) James Wright and attempt to prevent capture of supply ships in the Battle of the Rice Boats.
  • 3rd » American Revolutionary War: The first amphibious landing of the United States Marine Corps begins the Battle of Nassau.
  • 4th » American Revolutionary War: The Continental Army Fortification of Dorchester Heights e.g fortifies Dorchester Heights with cannon, leading the Kingdom of Great Britain known as British troops to abandon the Siege of Boston.
  • 17th » American Revolution: British forces Evacuation Day (Massachusetts) named evacuate Boston, ending the Siege of Boston, after George Washington and Henry Knox Fortification of Dorchester Heights or place artillery in positions overlooking the city.
  • 28th » Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco.

Famous Birthdays on March in 1776

  • 10th » Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (d. 1810)
  • 27th » Charles-François Brisseau de Mirbel, French botanist and politician (d. 1854)

Famous Deaths for March 1776

  • 5th » Yeongjo of Joseon (b. 1694)
  • 10th » Élie Catherine Fréron, French critic (b. 1719)
  • 10th » Niclas Sahlgren, Swedish merchant and philanthropist (b. 1701)
  • 24th » John Harrison, English carpenter and clockmaker, invented the Marine chronometer (b. 1693)
  • 26th » Samuel Ward (American statesman) or Samuel Ward, American jurist and politician, 31st List of colonial governors of Rhode Island named Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island (b. 1725)

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