What Happened In History Year 1876

Historical Events for the Year 1876

  • 15th January » The first newspaper in Afrikaans, Die Afrikaanse Patriot, is published in Paarl.
  • 1st February » A murder conviction effectively forces the violent Pennsylvanian Irish people e.g Irish anti-owner coal miners, the "Molly Maguires", to disband.
  • 2nd February » The National League known as National League of Professional Baseball Clubs of Major League Baseball is formed.
  • 14th February » Alexander Graham Bell applies for a patent for the telephone, as does Elisha Gray.
  • 19th February » Founding of the National Amateur Press Association (NAPA) in Philadelphia.
  • 7th March » Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for an invention he calls the "telephone".
  • 10th March » Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call by saying "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."
  • 11th April » The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is organized.
  • 20th April » The April Uprising, a key point in modern Bulgarian history, leading to the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78) named Russo-Turkish War and the liberation of Bulgaria from domination as an independent part of the Ottoman Empire.
  • 22nd April » The first ever National League baseball game is played in Philadelphia.
  • 2nd May » The April Uprising breaks out in Bulgaria.
  • 30th May » Ottoman sultan Abdülaziz is deposed and succeeded by his nephew Murad V.
  • 2nd June » Hristo Botev, a national revolutionary of Bulgaria, is killed in Stara Planina
  • 4th June » An express train called the 'Transcontinental Express' arrives in San Francisco, California, via the First Transcontinental Railroad (North America) or First Transcontinental Railroad only 83 hours and 39 minutes after leaving New York City.
  • 25th June » Battle of the Little Bighorn and the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer.
  • 8th July » White supremacy or White supremacists kill five Black Republicans in Hamburg, Aiken County, South Carolina or Hamburg, South Carolina.
  • 1st August » Colorado is admitted as the 38th U.S. state.
  • 8th August » Thomas Edison receives a patent for his mimeograph.
  • 31st August » Ottoman Sultan Murat V is deposed and succeeded by his brother Abd-ul-Hamid II.
  • 4th October » Texas A&M University opens as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, becoming the first public institution of higher education in Texas.
  • 6th October » The American Library Association was founded.
  • 31st October » A monster cyclone ravages India, resulting in over 200,000 deaths.
  • 23rd November » Corrupt Tammany Hall leader William Magear Tweed (better known as Boss Tweed) is delivered to authorities in New York City after being captured in Spain.
  • 5th December » The Brooklyn Theater Fire kills at least 278 people in Brooklyn, New York.
  • 23rd December » First day of the Constantinople Conference which resulted in agreement for political reforms in the Balkans.
  • 29th December » The Ashtabula River Railroad Disaster occurs, leaving 64 injured and 92 dead at Ashtabula, Ohio.

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