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May Birthstones Astrology

  • The May Birthstone is the Emerald which is emblematic of love and success. The emerald used to be one of Cleopatra's favorite gems. Emerald is called the traditional birthstone of May. It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. Ancient Romans went so far as to dedicate this stone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Today, it is thought that emeralds signify wisdom, growth, and patience. Chrysoprase is considered the secondary birthstone for the month of May.

May Zodiac Signs

  • Month of May Zodiac Signs are Taurus(until May 20) and Gemini(May 21 onwards).
  • Taurus (April 20 - May 19) The Taurus has great strength in physical and mental capacities. Maybe this is why stubbornness or being a stuborn bull is often associated with this star sign. Work wise being able to teac to others is one of their strengths, at least on some level due to the fact that they are sympathetic and loving.
    Taurus is compatible with: Libra, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.
  • Gemini (May 20 - June 20) Geminis tend to be very unpredictable. Be always ready for a surprise from them. Being creative and open can result in Geminis changing their behaviour rather frequently. People born under this star sign are very adaptable to new situations or life changes. Add to this the positive nature towards life that Gemini possess.
    Gemini are compatible with: other Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

May Birth Flowers

  • Month of May is associated with the Lily of the valley flower. It is generally white in colour. The birth flower Lily conveys sweetness and humility. In the Victorian era, it was gifted to convey the romantic message: you have made my life complete. The other May flower is the hawthorn plant, which represents hope and supreme happiness. Hawthorne signifies that you want only the best for the recipient.
  • Humility, Chastity and Sweetness. Sweetly scented and rare May Birth Flower Lily also signifies a return to happiness.

Historical Events for May, 1949

  • 4th » The entire Torino F.C. named Torino football team (except for two players who did not take the trip: Sauro Tomà, due to an injury and Renato Gandolfi, because of coach request) is killed in Superga air disaster or a plane crash at the Superga hill at the
  • 5th » The Treaty of London (1949) or Treaty of London establishes the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as the first European institution working for European integration.
  • 6th » Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator called EDSAC, the first practical electronic digital Von Neumann architecture known as stored-program computer, runs its first operation.
  • 9th » Rainier III, Prince of Monaco called Rainier III of Monaco becomes Prince of Monaco.
  • 11th » Siam officially changes its name to Thailand for the second time. The name had been in use since 1939 but was reverted in 1945.
  • 11th » Israel joins the United Nations.
  • 12th » The Soviet Union lifts its Berlin Blockade called blockade of Berlin.
  • 12th » The western Allied-occupied Germany occupying powers approve the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany Basic Law for the new Germany German state: The West Germany Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 20th » In the United States, the Armed Forces Security Agency, the predecessor to the National Security Agency, is established.
  • 23rd » The West Germany named Federal Republic of Germany is established and the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany is proclaimed.

Famous Birthdays on May in 1949

  • 1st » Jim Clench, Canadian bass player (April Wine and Bachman–Turner Overdrive) (d. 2010)
  • 1st » Tim Hodgkinson, English saxophonist, clarinet player, and composer (Henry Cow, The Work (band) known as The Work, and K-Space (band) called K-Space)
  • 1st » Paul Teutul, Sr., American motorcycle designer, co-founded Orange County Choppers
  • 2nd » Alan Titchmarsh, English gardener and author
  • 3rd » Liam Donaldson, English physician and academic
  • 3rd » Ken Hom, American chef and author
  • 3rd » Ruth Lister, Baroness Lister of Burtersett, English academic and politician
  • 3rd » Ron Wyden, American politician
  • 4th » John Force, American race car driver
  • 4th » Stella Parton, American singer-songwriter and actress
  • 4th » Pekka Päivärinta, Finnish runner
  • 4th » Graham Swift, English author
  • 5th » Eppie Bleeker, Dutch skater
  • 6th » John Pawson, English architect and designer
  • 7th » Kathy Ahern, American golfer (d. 1996)
  • 7th » Marilyn Cole, English model and journalist
  • 8th » David Vines, Australian economist
  • 9th » Billy Joel, American singer-songwriter and pianist (The Hassles and Attila (rock band) known as Attila)
  • 9th » Richard S. Williamson, American lawyer and diplomat, 17th Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs (d. 2013)
  • 10th » Miuccia Prada, Italian fashion designer
  • 13th » Jane Glover, English conductor and scholar
  • 13th » Zoë Wanamaker, American-English actress
  • 14th » Sverre Årnes, Norwegian author
  • 14th » Walter Day, American game designer and businessman, founded Twin Galaxies
  • 14th » Johan Schans, Dutch swimmer
  • 14th » Klaus-Peter Thaler, German cyclist
  • 15th » George Adams (basketball) or George Adams, American basketball player
  • 15th » Frank L. Culbertson, Jr., American captain, pilot, and astronaut
  • 15th » Steve Sparks (volcanologist) called Steve Sparks, English geologist and academic
  • 16th » Rick Reuschel, American baseball player
  • 17th » Bill Bruford, English drummer, songwriter, and producer (Yes (band) Yes, King Crimson, UK (band) UK, Earthworks (band) Earthworks, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, and National Health)
  • 18th » Rick Wakeman, English keyboard player and songwriter (Yes (band) named Yes, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, and Warhorse (British band) e.g Warhorse)
  • 18th » Bill Wallace (musician) or Bill Wallace, Canadian bass player (The Guess Who and Brother (Canadian band) or Brother)
  • 19th » Dusty Hill, American singer-songwriter and bass player (ZZ Top and American Blues)
  • 19th » Philip Hunt, Baron Hunt of Kings Heath, English politician
  • 19th » Archie Manning, American football player and sportscaster
  • 20th » Robert Morin, Canadian director, cinematographer, and screenwriter
  • 20th » Mary Pope Osborne, American author
  • 20th » Michèle Roberts, English author and poet
  • 20th » Dave Thomas (actor) or Dave Thomas, Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
  • 21st » Andrew Neil, Scottish journalist and academic
  • 21st » Rosalind Plowright, English soprano
  • 22nd » Ieuan Wyn Jones, Welsh politician, Deputy First Minister for Wales
  • 23rd » Daniel DiNardo, American cardinal
  • 23rd » Alan García, Peruvian lawyer and politician, 93rd President of Peru
  • 24th » Hubert Birkenmeier, German-American soccer player and coach
  • 24th » Jim Broadbent, English actor
  • 24th » Tomaž Pisanski, Slovenian mathematician and academic
  • 25th » Jamaica Kincaid, Caribbean-American author
  • 25th » Joe Unger, American actor
  • 25th » Barry Windsor-Smith, English painter and illustrator
  • 26th » Jeremy Corbyn, English politician
  • 26th » Ward Cunningham, American computer programmer, developed the first wiki
  • 26th » Pam Grier, American actress
  • 26th » Anne McGuire, Scottish politician
  • 26th » Philip Michael Thomas, American actor and singer
  • 26th » Hank Williams, Jr., American singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • 27th » Hugh Lowther, 8th Earl of Lonsdale, English politician
  • 27th » Christa Vahlensieck, German runner
  • 28th » Susan Fitzgerald, English-Irish actress (d. 2013)
  • 28th » Sue Holderness, English actress
  • 28th » Wendy O. Williams, American singer-songwriter and actress (Plasmatics) (d. 1998)
  • 29th » Robert Axelrod (actor) or Robert Axelrod, American actor
  • 29th » Andrew Clements, American author and educator
  • 29th » Brian Kidd, English footballer and coach
  • 29th » Francis Rossi, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Status Quo (band) or Status Quo)
  • 29th » Cotter Smith, American actor
  • 30th » P. J. Carlesimo, American basketball player and coach
  • 30th » Paul Coleridge, English judge
  • 30th » Klaus Flouride, American bass player, songwriter, and producer (Dead Kennedys)
  • 30th » Bob Willis, English cricketer and sportscaster
  • 31st » Tom Berenger, American actor and producer
  • 31st » Tapio Kantanen, Finnish runner
  • 31st » Nancy Shade, American soprano and actress

Famous Deaths for May 1949

  • 3rd » Fanny Walden, English footballer and cricketer (b. 1888)
  • 6th » Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian-French poet and playwright, Nobel Prize in Literature or Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1862)
  • 9th » Louis II, Prince of Monaco (b. 1870)
  • 20th » Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens (b. 1891)
  • 21st » Klaus Mann, German-American author (b. 1906)
  • 23rd » Jan Frans De Boever, Belgian painter (b. 1872)
  • 30th » Emmanuel Célestin Suhard, French cardinal (b. 1874)

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